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Wednesday, September 14, 2011

DealDash411 Tips, Hints, Strategy and Random Commentary: Is it really only Wednesday??'s been one of those weeks where tomorrow should be friday and it just isn't! Because being on crazy pills is the only way i could explain what i just saw. Yep, on DealDash....i saw that Quirkle game at 8 bucks, and some silver bars (everyone is all about the gold and silver now. thanks bidwealth). And then i saw what i am now naming THE FIREFLY PHENOMENON. That's when there are so many bids and auctions happening that there are just flashes and blinks all over the screen like fireflies (is a lightening bug the same thing?).  It's almost like my eyes are all messed up.
Now i wasn't paying that much attention to the top of the screen, and so my first thought was, " oh what did they just put bids up at 99% discount or something?" So i scrolled back to the top and OMG it was crazier than i thought!

So, either they got an earful from the regulars about that super top secret email they sent out to Newbies, and now they are trying to redeem themselves (thanks ladyk!) with this frenzy they have created, or what. I don't really get this free bids thing.

But occured to this actually the most genius idea ever??? Because it reminds me of what i didn't care for on Happy BidDay - those happy aucitons you play with reward bids or something. I didn't like them because everyone went nuts and yeah you got somethign at an 80% discount, but you still paid alot of money for it! So if you can bid without risk, but you  at least have to own the bids, then you put money into the dealdash site (cha-ching for them).  Then you bid like mad on everything because you will get them all back. But, because they are free bids you go crazy and auction prices skyrocket. So in then end....DealDash scores because everyone is just driving up the prices on each though you'll get your bids back, if you win you are paying alot more than you would for the auction price, and hoarding those bids for later when everyone will jack up the prices more! But to bid with your "free bids" you still had to buy you still put your cash into DealDash....(love that! it just happened. it wasn't planned).

I'm a bit tired and confused on what day it is, so i'm not sure if i clearly expressed myself above. And i can't tell if i am right about this being genius on DealDash's part or just super annoying to everyone. I could be missing the point completely right now and i just don't know. Why isn't it Friday yet?

I'll go pound a redbull, wait an hour or so and then reassess this post and the entire situation.

Or I'll just sit back and watch the fireflies...


  1. Am I on crazy pills for real??
    Someone just paid auction price of $26.32 for $25 gift card?? Even if you get your bids back this seems very dumb to me. There were 20 bids in the auction prize too, but seriously??

    I must be over tired of really missing the point here....forgive me.

  2. Call me nutz but I think it must be for some whom have never won anything the excitement of being in the auction. I can just envision them jumping up and down screaming I won, I won... even though they paid more than retail in the final price... LOL - maybe this will make them think they can win when it returns to normal and they don't get their bids back....

    I'm not sure how DD is playing it out but it would be a very rude awakening to some who bid on something with tons of bids and the clock counts down to 2am on Friday... Hmmmm wonder if they get their bids back then?

    Maybe they only get back what they have originally put in when the clock hits 2am... and then the real bid count starts kicking in... or will DD let the bids continue and if they win or lose they don't get them back if they are in play after 2am....

    They never explained that part!

    What do you think?

  3. 411 & Lady K,
    You have both said some VERY VALID POINTS about the lastest DUMB DASH promotion!
    The best part is seeing people who have signed up in the last week, bidding for hours.
    That simply tells me that like 411 said, they are buying NUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUMEROUS bid packs.
    To be honest, the amount of bids purchased in the last 40 hours will be staggering to say the least! Whomever it was that came up with this idea, is sure to get a BIG FAT BONUS check!
    Hell, maybe that person should run for president of the US. They figured out a way to get noobs and olds to BUY BUY BUY!! And how much is this really costing DD, in comparison to what they will make FOR THE NEXT EFFFFFING 6 MONTHS! EVERY SINGLE auction from now, until 6 months from now will be riddiculous in price.

    Plus, even the OLDIES think its ok to jump people they NEVER would have jumped before, just because "hey, their getting their bids back....I'm not hurting anything by jumping drummer or Lady k, EVEN THOUGH THEY HAVE BEEN ON THIS EFFFFFFING AUCTION FOR 4 FRIKKIN HOURS"!!!
    Leave it to DD to think of another way to piss their core supporters off!

    Oh wait, I forgot, they did that 7 months ago.

    BTW - I say they will do this wrethched promotion again, within the next 31 days.
    Any takers on a friendly little wager ;)

    Good luck Lady and if you are bidding 411!

    See you around kiddies....


  4. Hey Drum... Long time since PAW that I've seen ya post with exception of your drums win here!

    I do agree with several things you mentioned and yes it was very interesting to see "HOP ONS"-(lol) on several of my auctions and it felt like two bidders were following me from item to item. I did a little test just to see if I was correct and it never failed within about 50 bids their they came...

    4 hours Drum is that all... I started on the Sony early on Wed set Oooodles on it just to let my clock run down (lol) I had 7 hours on the clock so I went to bed, however when I got up the next morning - my clock had only gone down 58 mins and it had been 8 hours and I thought I was gonna be pushin the button for a bunch of freebies! NOPE.... Even after all that time I had only about 1200 bids in play and still double that to go.... Final price was getting higher and I decided to just have some fun and spread my leftovers around!

    Didn't win a darn thing but had fun watchin follow me's.... heheheheehe when I came down to my last 1k I threw em on the 600 bid pack and that is where I saw a bunch of oldies that have never hopped on... HOP ON! They didn't win it either LOL but still - even though we get the bids back I never would have thought to go for something someone I respected was already on and going hard for.

    Sorry you missed out on the XBox Drum I saw you on that multiple times during the day. BidingAddict I know mentioned here before must have taken up one of those bid specials big time. This bidder was on almost 6 auctions at once and APA has him/her getting back close to 10k in bids.

    I'm curious if DD offered some another PRIVATE SPECIAL before they opened it up for BidFrenzy Day and I'm not including the recent 50% off they did via email on the 7th and 8th for the select list they have...

    As interesting as this is I may get out and take a break for awhile. Maybe then I'll get an email that asks me to buy bids super cheap! I wonder???? Hmmmmmm

    Good Luck to you too Drum... Cya round the playground!!!!


  5. I stand corrected. APA had bidingAddict closer to getting 16k back... Now that's some bids folks! Even without the BidFrenzy people if you read this blog take note because this bidder has NO RULES they follow when they play - HopOn, HopOff... Even with that amount in play they still can be dangerous as they don't seem to care to spreading the wealth around...and still losing!!!! I just wonder how many BIN's this person may have done in the past!!! They have only been around since June!

  6. 16,000 bids??? that is crazy talk. wow.

    Ladyk thanks for the shoutout to my readers. I'll also post bidingAddict as a high alert threat...

    And thanks for using my new favorite word "hop-ons." I feel it is so appropriate...they just hop-on after you and everyone else has done all the hard work!