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Tuesday, September 6, 2011

DealDash 411: Hints, Tips, Strategies and Commentary - The Newest PA Strategy

I can say it all with one picture....but then of course i'll talk about it.

This just made my millenium. (Anyone place a similar quote? "make my millenium?" i know i lose people so fast...)

Right?? Drummerboy getting the Drum set? Duh!! It's like a no brainer! No one should have even  bid against him!  I mean tycobb22 you would think would go for some baseball gear, maybe a t-ball set or something, but when you see drummerboy going for a drum set? Obviously he needs it! Drummerboy can brag because he's got the goods to back it all up.

So i'm thinking i've just come up with a new strategy.....

Strategy #9: The SuperHero & SideKick Strategy (also known as OWN IT)

So we have seen our share of intimidation tactics, pushy names, and people trying to strong- arm others. But i think the subtlety of the OWN IT strategy can be more powerful than all of these. To use this strategy, you must really really think of what item is your #1 most wanted item and you must plan in advance, BEFORE you sign up and pick a Username.  You can't change your UserName, so assess the situation carefully.

Let's take our drummerboy scenario. When you see drummerboy, going for a drum set, you really do have to sit back and evaluate the situation and think "this guy might be really serious. I mean his name is drummerboy." Now we know drummerboy is a big drummerman who knows how to play PAs so you really should step aside anyway, but let's come up with some similar scenarios you could use to get the edge. It's the Targeted Username Superhero, and the About Me SideKick.

So, let's say you that all you have ever wanted in your life is the LeapFrog Leap Pad. (i would have gone with Leap Frog Lilly Pad, but maybe they were worried that might sound "girlie." I'm sure they had 10,000 focus groups to figure that one out when really is it that big a deal? It's a stinking lilly pad!).

So in the OWN IT strategy, you should choose a Targeted Superhero Username and About Me SideKick. Think Batman and Robin here. You know Batman is going to make a statement and Robin is going to hang out in the side car ready to yell POW! when Batman gets his groove on.

So, if you are dying to own a Leap Frog Leap Pad, you need to come up with a Targeted Username that let's people know what you are playing for.
Potential Targeted Username examples:

Are you catching my drift here? If you are hanging out on Deal Dash and you see a cool Leap Frog item coming up, and  you think, "Hey maybe i'll go for that. The kids will love it, or i'll just flip it." So you start bidding. And then suddenly you realize that a user with the name willdieforLeapFrog has set a bid buddy against you, you might take them more seriously on this auction. If they were going for a hand bag or something it probably isn't going to matter. But if you are bidding for the Leap Frog Leap Pad and you see this username, i think you may reconsider how badly you really want the darn Leap Pad, because do you think you really want it as badly as someone who made that their UserName? And then if you follow with an "About Me" SideKick stating that you are obsessed with anything Leap Frog and would rather go broke than see anyone else win the Leap Pad, you may further your position of being completely obseessed and crazy, and you may have a better shot at getting your Leap Pad and turning away potential competition.

Another Example:
If you saw that the movie "The Help" is up for auction and you are absolutely dying to own this movie, maybe before you sign up you should consider your username. Maybe target the username with something like:

you get the it really worth bidding against someone who based their UserName off a specific item?? I know I don't need to duke it out for the movie "The Help" with someone who has a UserName of TheHelpismine. And then if i saw an About Me saying "I absolutely must own the movie "The Help" and i will over pay for it to makes sure i get it. It is all i have ever wanted in the world" i think most normal people would step down and think if someone needs the movie that badly, it must be some sort of medical condition, so maybe we should let it go.

But don't think your THE HELP username is going to help you win the Gangster Dvd Series, no no no...i think you will get trampled.

So if you feel like you must have a Presto Pizzazz Pizza Oven, consider using the OWN IT strategy and pick a Targeted UserName backed up by your trusty About Me Sidekick.

So now i am on the look out for some awesome usernames like:

LegoManiac (remember zack the lego maniac?)

i just took a bow.


  1. ANOTHER CLASSIC POST from the most entertaining blogger on the net!

    What else can I say, other than I was GOING to win that drum set. I think I even puffed out my chest a few times while hitting the bid button.... in my best Proto impersonation ;)

    Yep, I gave up on DD for awhile. I had to take another couple of jobs to help pay for all the bids needed to win on DD any more.....ok, I'm kidding.
    But seriously, it seems to have paid off, and have finally won a few big ticket items. In fact, I actually hit limit in 6 days.
    First time that has happened in a few months.

    In fact, the icing on the QUITER CAKE was after dumping 1000 or so bids on the 3D LCD package, and deciding that I wasnt going to pay $1000 for a TV I could buy for $550-$600 in the real world. Best part was, "Penny" ended up getting in a few bids after I dropped out (which is a good thing), for only a couple hundred bids (a biDDer sweet thing). If I only would have dropped another couple hundred bids, I probably would have won it.
    But as I said, I'm glad it went to a regular.

    Lastly, keep up the great reading "411"; your blogs really are quality reading and I only wish you had more regular readers.
    Some of these NOOBS could actually learn some valuable information by reading your posts!


  2. Best comment ever drummerboy! love the da-dunt--psss! How cool is it that you can still do sound effects (ahhhh i almost typed "affects") on blogs.

    drummerboy i tear up each time i read your comment. And i've read it over and over again. I think you and LadyK are my biggest fans. I wish i had more regular readers too. Any suggestions? I can't let my great sense of humor go to waste - it will run out. I can feel it. One day I'll just be dried out.

    But as long as you and LadyK are entertained i will go on forever....

    Nice that Penny had a nice win before he got his Penny Auction Ultimatum.

    I want drums too. Then we can jam.

  3. "ANOTHER CLASSIC POST from the most entertaining blogger on the net!"

    best compliment of my life.

  4. "ANOTHER CLASSIC POST from the most entertaining blogger on the net!"

    :) Very much deserved and 110% HONESTY!

    I wish I could tell you what to do to find and seduce....(lol, what a great word) more regular readers!

    Its actually sad that DD will not allow you to post info on your "about me" page. As you are doing nothing but helping them and their bidders.

    Good luck regardless, and keep on punch those keys!!

    I have you locked in and will certainly keep up to date on Mr. 411's blog!

    Everyones favorite drummer.....ok, not really I'm sure, but I have a few fans. I just really want the new Dyson....thats a GREAT FAN ;)


  5. Hey Drummerboy -here are my responses to yet another nice post of yours. and hahaha love the fan/fan thing. love what you did there.

    1) seduce - awesome word. You nailed it in that context too. that's what i feel like i have to do. I may have to talk more about this have inspired me.

    2)I have a few friends out there who tried to give me some shout out and About Me. SORELOSER got booted off DealDash for posting a link and mgoldstein1029 got a warning and now has a reference to The Penny Auction Forecast. They try to help me out but i told them not to get in any more trouble...i don't see what the big deal is either but whatever. Why do they put sales on bids at 75% off? It is all a mystery.
    Check out wikiwiki world and tagvillage411 for more funny too...if you and ladyk both ready those then i'll have 2 visitors...

    did i mention i wanted nothing more than to play the drums when i was a kid? And then the guitar? I'm not too bad at Rock Band drums (because i know it is soooo similar), but it's that darn foot pedal that screws me up every time...

    And in conclusion, you have also inspired me to blog about Dyson gear. I feel like it is weird to be obsessed with regular vaccuums and fans, but not about Dysons...i need to explore this phenomenom more...i too am in awe of anything Dyson..

  6. Just like everything else... If it sounds too good to be true, it most likely isn't true.

  7. I was searching for deal dash's reviews and came across you..I love your comments..I am spending too much and not winning enough,,but oh well I'm a gambler,,at this, the casino, you name it but it keeps me out of trouble LOL! ;-) After reading all this the username I picked is truly freaky...Sweetie,,why I always pick that i'll never know,,everybody always calls me that so I go with it! Keep it up and i'll keep reading ;-)

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