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Sunday, September 11, 2011

DealDash411: TIps, Hints, Strategies, and Commentary: Interesting Twist

So, I am following tagvillage now and their penny auctions. The links are on the side of this blog.
So check this out:

ALERT ALERT: We are making some MAJOR CHANGES to the items Bazaar. We plan to implement these changes over the next 24 hours.

Changes coming to Items Bazaar:
1. No new bidders during last 5 minutes
      (if you did not bid before the last 5 minutes, you cannot bid during the last 5 minutes)
2. No items cancel, last bidder wins, even if we don't hit 0.10 Target Price
Items Bazaar will be paused until these changes are implemented.

So the Bazaar is their PA section. So what do we think about this No NEW Bidders during the last 5 minutes rule?? This will prevent all the hop-ons, silentstalkers and generally frustrating players re-think their strategies. I think it is a very promising change. No Hop-ons! Isn't this what everyone spends 90% of their time grumbling about?? Is that why alot of people have left Deal Dash? Because people are just out of control?

I will be following this pretty closely to see what the heck this does to the auctions...could be a GREAT thing.  Check out TagVillage411. It's like DealDash 411, but about Tag Village. I'm hooked. Check out the site too if you want.

And, if you like what i have to say but think i get off topic a bit too much on this blog, then you should go to my OTHER blog, where i can talk about anything and i do. Same style. All good stuff. Tell your friends if you want.  Because It's A Wiki Wiki World. Don't you want to know why i named my other blog that? Go see for yourself. It has to do with transportation, vomit, and a moment of stupidity on my part.

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