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Sunday, August 28, 2011

Dealdash411 Tips, HInts, Strategies: The Penny Auction Ultimatum Part 2

For Part 2 of PAUs, we'll look into how to recognize a PAU and then how to handle the PAU.

How to recognize a PAU:
The words "or" and "and" are  key signifiers in a Penny Auction Ultimatum. There is a good chance these words will show up in your PAU.

Here is the "innocent question" version. That usually has the word "or."

The person is trying to give you a moment to do the right thing, and make the right decision. Both you and they know the appropriate response, but they are nicely giving you the option. They can be subtle -"Are you going to eat dinner at the table or in front of your computer?" It is presented politely as an option, but really, you are supposed to join the fam for family dinner.

Here is an example of a more direct PAU, but one that hasn't reached final explosion:

This is my PAU moment:  it was an annoyed comment from family members saying, "oh my gosh if you don't stop talking about deal dash and penny auctions and the players and everything they are doing ALL THE TIME we just can't hang out with you any more. Actually, why don't you start a blog and talk to people who might actually care." Don't you just love when siblings give it to you straight? That was my form of PAU. But that is how this blog was born and aren't we all so lucky!

The next level of disgruntlement in a PAU is the question that really contains the correct answer:

"Are you going stop playing PAs and get in the car so we won't be late for dinner?  Here you'll see "and" used because really this is a command. It sounds like a question but it isn't. You don't actually have a choice here. It is "stop playing" and "get in the car." There is no choice. You probably shouldn't make it choice.

The most obvious, blatant and serious is the "It's PAs or me!" PAU.

This is serious. This is a smack in the face. Do not take this one lightly. If you have gotten to this point, then you probably have already missed all the previous signs and mini-PAUs and you needed to really pay attention. It may sound like this is the first time your loved one is bringing up their frustration with PAs, but trust me, it is NOT the first time. You were too busy bidding to recognize the first clues to the  building frustration.

Please feel to contribute and share any PAUs you have experienced. I'm sure there are others.

Now, what do you do??

How to handle a PAU:
There really is only one way to handle a PAU: Don't choose the PA option!

Well, you can, but you'll probably regret it later. When confronted with a PAU, especially a major one, please choose human beings and human interactions over penny auctions. As much as i love DealDash and penny auctions, Dealdash is never going to love me back. Always choose people. Unless you really are really trying to ignore someone. I guess then you can choose PA. You never want to look back on your life and say "i lost the love of my life because of a penny auction." Or "I  missed the birth of my child because I hadn't won the video camera yet and couldn't record it." or, "I guess i shouldn't have used $50 worth on bids to win the $15 amazon gift card." Sometimes it is worth it to pay $499 for the exact same $699 ipad, and go hang out with the rest of the world.

The only exception i can think of, is something like this PAU: "Are you going to quit playing that PA and watch The Jersey Shore with me?? If this PAU happens, choose the penny auction. At least you will use your brain for a little for strategy. Watching that show actually can make you dumber (i read a very comprehensive study about this on the internet.  And.....what's that??....If it's on the internet then it must be true. You got it).

Share with us other exceptions so we can all make the right decisions.

Part 3 of PAUs coming next....

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