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Tuesday, August 16, 2011

DealDash 411: Hints, tips, strategies and commentary - Words for Tuesday

My only words for Tuesday are to go back and read the weekend posts and yesterdays posts. yes, you did miss something awesome.  I want to give it one more day of attention until i go back to discussing my push button orchestra and why it is such a genius idea.  i may need to have another "let me set the scene for you" moment regarding what could potentially be named "Orchestra Hero" or "Rad Orchestra.."
and if you really feel as though i not providing enough entertainment for the day, go see the World Bar Globe Post over on The Penny Auction Forecast Blog I was an awesome awesome kid.

back at ya later!

And please also note, The Sportsmanship Award goes to....Pennywiser! It's official. Pennywiser, can I call you next time i need a peacemaker? Or will you be too busy negotiating world peace? If you're busy, i totally understand. Now,  what we all really want to know is - do you have your celebratory beverages before or after your negotiating?

[TANGENT: You know how sometimes after an evening where you may have comsumed a few alcoholic beverages (only if you are over 21, obviously), you wake up and don't feel so hot? An ice cold fountain beverage really does wonders. And, for those who are just dying to know, i prefer to call things "beverages." It's a cool word. Like when i am snowboarding, i prefer a hot beverage. On a sunny hot day, i prefer to have a cold beverage. Beverage is a seriously underrated  word. end tangent]

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  1. Funny thing about those Globes... Somehow it did pop up on a site.... Tootles! I won one for a just $1.74. Tried posting the pic on your other blog about it but I don't think it worked...

    Here is a sneak peek at my globe I won on Doofard.
    Too bad that site has recently shut down it was a great little site.