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Monday, August 15, 2011

DealDash411: Hints, Tips, and Commentary: No Apologies Necessary! I love all the comments!

Whew! Well let me just say i thoroughly enjoyed all the friendly banter that happened on MY blog! I was so enthralled that i didn't even want to intervene at all! I think i may have experienced the same range of emotions that many of you did reading all the  comments. While i completely respect all the arguments and details presented by all involved, I like to bring things back to me....So here is the roller coaster of emotions i went through while reading all the posts...(don't you like it how i can bring everything back to me?)

here is a general recap and the emotions i felt:

First, Anon calls out specific players - ladyK, hartharlez, bidingaddict, BidRabbit95, Cats1965.  So Anon kind of sets the scene like one of those elementary school behind the school fights - with the "Yeah I'm talking to you!"  I saw that and was like "woah,  is this the start of an after school special? Someone just got called out big time."  I could just envision the  circle of kids starting to gather around Anon and ladyk....

Next, LadyK hits it right back at Anon. [small tangent: i would be interested to also hear what the other called out players would have responded with. But they must not check my site, so i don't care for them much anyway. But i knew LadyK wouldn't let this one slide!]
So when i saw LadyK bust out with the  "POO on you" moment i laughed and clapped and was filled with this warm sense of love for ladyK...not just because she is turning into my DD Mom, but because she was "mom" enough to watch the language. Just made me so happy inside. LadyK has a good heart.

Then LadyK keeps getting all amped up, starting throwing in some capital letters and then a "sweetie." Whew, I could just imagine LadyK typing furiously (I bet you took typing classes or something because no one who hunts and pecks would write as much as you do), and Mr. LadyK standing behind his wife yelling "go honey go! You tell him!"

Then Anon, responded with a cool head and began presenting facts. I must say i was impressed with the level-headed response, and truly wanted to hear what in fact his facts were (sorry if you are a woman Anon, i seem to be referring to you as a dude).  And then at the end, you could almost hear the sarcasm dripping off the word "Hon..." I started Oohing like in  that moment in Billy Madison where he is in third grade and the kid gets caught passing the note and everyone goes "ooooooooohhhh" in that "you got in trouble voice." I admit i was getting fired up....the sarcastic "hon" can really push some buttons!
I was like, " the gloves are off! And in this corner, with an Ipad and a super rad camera, we have LadyK...and in this corner we have ANON who we know is upset but that's all we really know! ladies and gentleman, let's get reaady to rumble!" (is that what they say?).

I think pennywiser also realized the significance of this moment, because penny jumps in trying to break the tension with a little comedy about drinking and bidding. There's nothing like alcohol to loosen up a room. it was a brave attempt penny, but I think they were too far gone...good effort.

Penny jumped in one more time as the Peacekeeper...the ref in the middle of the ring...

LadyK is having none of it and she says some words. here is what stuck out for me in this section:
The word FROGS was used. I believe i made a announcement that we should call these people HOP-ONs. I guess it didn't stick. I mean who am I to dictate a change like that? But I am still going to push it. Hop - ons. LadyK graciously shoots me an apology but that was unnecessary. But thanks. lastly, because she was in the heat of the moment, ladyk accidentally used the word "sole" instead of "soul." I know it was an accident. Grammar doesn't count when you are in a typing argument.(fyi). I have plenty of errors in my comments because you can't go fix them (or can you??).

Continuing on, Anon gets pissy and uses a dashed word sentence. You know where-everything-is-seperated-by-a-dash-to make-a-point, and he gets in a nice jab with those dashed words...i think i said, "ouch!!" after reading that one.

Then Pennywiser tries again to calm the waters and tells us about good sportsmanship and has an award- winning post of peace...and tells us how vendettas on blogs should not and will not appear in on the playing field...ugh, tear, tear, such a moving speech. it's like i was watching Hoosiers or some sports feel good movie.  .so good and convincing that both Anon and Ladyk come back to their normal selves and each apologize, with Anon giving LadyK the benefit of the doubt, and Ladyk apologizing for fiercely feeling the need to defend herself.

And that's when we all cheered and laughed and cried and hugged it out. Right? And pennywiser bought everyone a beer.

I couldn't have orchestrated a blog comment fight any better....(that was a mini shout-out to myself about my Orchestra Video Game concept, because since this battle followed my brilliant words about a a push button orchestra, i thought maybe they were duking it out about who got to play the fake viola, or piccolo. Oh well. I can dream).  The drama slowly escalated and built like a movie, peaked out and resolved itself. What a great read guys.

Can I really beat that with regular commentary today? maybe...but i doubt it...


  1. OMG... I can't stop laughing I think I just tinkled my britches.....

    After the horrid day I have had because I have not been online bidding at all but dealing with a personal home issue... This was the best read I have had all day.

    It may be 4:00 am and I am actually off to bed but I had to check in on you and see if you commented on that complete novel I was involved with last night. I knew you would have a comment or two and just had to see if my instinct was right. I just knew it!!! 8)

    Yes I am a little long winded ( Ask anyone on PAW LOL I write novels there too! ) However when it comes to being aggravated, I do have those spelling errors because in the moment my fingers are just typin away! Who cares about words spelled right when you are going off on a tangent... Right?

    It's late I'm tired now so who knows if I even spelled everything in this post right or not...

    Frogs, Frogs, Frogs... some terms are just hard habits to break. Hop-on's sounds pretty good too but I think last night frogs fit the bill...

    Just wanted you to know you made my day!


    PS... No as far as I can tell we can not go back and make corrections and we can't add the pretty RED colored words either... If we can I have not found those features on my page as of yet. We can't DELETE after the fact either if we re-read our comments and want to change our minds about a post... Giggle... even though I meant every word and didn't think I needed any changes last night... 8)

    After going back over it just moments ago, Yes I could have been a little bit more polite and I most likely with a cooling off period would of said things a lot differently. But when you are in the moment and pissed off sometimes you just have to let it ride!

    Thanks again for the Giggle!

  2. Well glad i could offer a few laughs. So far you may be the only person who actually finds me funny. Here are some thoughts i would like to add:

    -i know i make up all my own rules about things...but i do fully agree that in-the-moment feverish typing a.k.a cyber fight (i just made that up but i think i like it), all grammar rules are suspended and acceptable. When you are in the heat of the moment there is no proofreading! That's part of what happens when you get worked up! If you go back and edit, then it is more like a planned argument, and less like a real in the moment battle. It actually tells you more about the emotional state of the person writing...and since you have to use every possible way to generate emotions through typing, it is really a tool (nerd alert! nerd alert! that's for me ladyk, not you). So you are completely excused.

    - I also think text (on cell phone) grammar errors are allowable because it is too annoying to try to fix everything some time. (though it can get you in auto-speller thinger kept changing this person's name from Trudy to Turdy, and i didn't realize it...whoops!)

    - you don't have to conform to my hop-on word...does anyone know where i got that from yet?? That will explain alot. Really...if you know where it came from, you'll understand alot more about me...and possibly why you do or don't find me funny....

    - and lastly, you and i have something in common, my friend LadyK....I too seem to type novels in my everyday life...i once had a boss that actually told me that once he sees how long my emails are he just stops reading. Completely. besides the fact that this explained ALOT about why he wasn't so good at managing people, i did realize that people who know how to type can write long emails in minutes. Those who hunt and peck (like my former boss) said he thought i was spending hours typing out emails. I had to explain that those of us who can type, can type darn fast. Just because a long email would take him hours to complete, doesn't mean that i spend hours writing 1 email....ugh memories...
    (fyi - my tenses are all jacked up in this comment, but i am fully aware. Again, it seems i'm allowed to do whatever i want. it's my blog).