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Wednesday, August 17, 2011

DealDash411 Hints, Tips, Strategies, and General Commentary: Come on!

This is why people play penny auctions.  This is why people jump on the bandwagon with no idea what they are doing. Granted, i am quite tired this morning, but i just couldn't help but be annoyed and give a "Really??" when i saw this one first thing this morning...

You know, I try not to let deals like this sway me. I mean we all cheered when LadyK scored her ultra rad camera for pennies. But the irony of the $15 gift card and the DVDs getting up to 20+ dollars, while the Ipad goes for $.35 makes us all completely jealous of you, survivorman1. I think you are player of the week. Or month.  I say that because you are not a Newbie, and i fully believe that you have been running a stealth operation over there in Virginia (langley maybe??). I think you have had these ipads under surveillance for some time...waiting and watching...with the patience of a saint for that perfect moment to go for the iPad...and you found it. I am impressed and i am jealous. In my times i sacrificed many a bid for an ipad on various sites, and here i am still typing on my desktop computer.

Or you just got ridiculously lucky. That works too. Bottom line - you scored every PA players dream - the best deal EVER. I'm even sure that DD employees are feeling really happy for you...i know normally i like to think of them as cheering on the hop - ons, but i think even they gave you a slow clap..(you know the one that starts with one person clapping slowly, and then another joins, and another until the room is thundering. The slow clap is fantastic thing. i was going to say "fantastic invention" but not sure that really qualifies. I don't think someone sat there and came up with the slow clap. It probably evolved (or spontaneously appeared for those who don't believe in evolution. [I know someone out there just decided to hate me. I try to avoid this controversial topic. It's just a joke people.....some crowds would have given me a slow clap for that one...)].
Anyway, the DD employees gave the slow clap for you while you were in tears over your amazing win, namely because the other ipad went for $184 buckaroos, and we had that $200+ ipad that already covered their payroll for the next 2 months.

ON another note:

Excellent Choice! House is an amazing show! Yes medical mysteries get wrapped up neatly in the 1 hour show, but that House is a card, and he shouldn't be dealt with. That show is up there on my top rated list, though it is not my favorite. i'm still waiting for someone to figure that one out. Hugh Laurie is kind of a dude though....admit it, you think he is grungy-hot. Men and women can call out other good looking people, man or woman. Anyway, mostly i'm impressed with his ability to lose the English accent...that is always quite a talent. I admit now he is type-cast for me...when he shows up in the movie Sense and Sensibility (yes, i've seen it....), it always catches me off guard and i'm always like, 
what is Dr. House doing in this movie? And then he talks with the accent it really messes with me. Dr. House should be solving a medical mystery, not standing around in a giant top hat.

Got to get my hot beverage and hit the road....

More updates in comments

So it just occurred to me that survivorman1 might be making a statement with his user name. At first i just thought he was survivorman 1 as opposed to survivorman2 and survivorman47.  But now that he scored, i read it as "survivorman won."  I may be a little slow getting to the party but this was truly a revelation for me...1 as "won." Duh.

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