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Saturday, August 13, 2011

DealDash411: Tips, hints, Strategies - Another All Nighter I PAD

Still going...we have another IPAD that ran through the night...I see pennywiser in there...pennywiser were you up all night battling? I can 't believe you don't have an I pad yet! Well good luck.

And MORETOCOME just joined in against the some of these 8/13 Newbies who think they can win an ipad on their first day of DealDash. Actually it looks like mostly seasoned players are in there...who is going to win this thing? I'm on the edge of my chair with excitement.

So the line up of auctions today looks fairly typical...nothing too incredibly noteworthy EXCEPT for this!
please say it comes with a shoulder strap, please say it comes with a shoulder strap. Then it would be full 80s style and it would be awesome.  You know rock band could continue to add instruments. Or wait, I got it....they are going to come out with "Classic Orchestra." So then they can have flutes and violins with colored buttons and you and your friends can play classical wonders. Trumpets too? How about a harp with push buttons? ooh ooh the giant bass. It can come with a height adjustment for short and tall people, so everyone can reach the buttons. Then they can split each tv screen into 20 sections with musical parts and it won't be confusing at all. Don't you want to call your friends to come over and play Classic Orchestra? I bet this one will be a real bit hit with the young kids..."Jimmy! My parents just bought me Classic Orchestra! You have to come over today so we can play some Mozart! I call dibs on the French Horn!"  Definitely another genius idea.  Wow. I just had to reach back to my 3rd grade music class to pull out some orchestral instruments.  Like timpani. You know back when they still could teach kids about music in school? I played the xylophone. Really well i might add.



  1. FYI, i was about to post "oh my gosh the Ipad auction ended while i was spouting on and on about a video game orchestra. But then i realized i was on page two of auctions. Not page 1. It's early.

  2. krisoma is in for the Ipad...

  3. I've been very disappointed to see some oldies jumping into auctions late in the game. It seems to be happening more and more. It's one thing to see newbies appearing, but it's really, really frustrating to see someone you know to be a bidding pro coming in after you have been bidding and/or observing the entire time. How about an early courtesy bid to warn other bidders you are planning on bidding? Yeah, I'm talking to you alwaysbiding, LadyK, CATS1965, bidingaddict, BidRabbit95, and Hartharlez, for example.

  4. don't forget dahan and wildcat65 (grrrr...)

  5. Hey Anon.... Why not specify the auctions you are speaking of when calling out our names... If I recall all the auctions I bid on today either I was the FIRST BID and waited out the crap and came back in.. Or I was the 2nd bid in and stayed in from the get-go.... So be careful ANON when throwing names out unless you watch the ENTIRE auction from start to finish!!!!!!!

  6. Let's see what I bid on today.... Shall we?

    Was the 1st bid here...Stayed in entire time and WON IT.. 8P

    Was the 2nd bid in the Apple Laptop along with Cat and Penny who all placed our bids at the same time... Hmmmm once I won the Stereo Bar I was placed on the 1/1 list and I can't bid....
    So POOOOO on you Anonymous! 8P

    Was the 2nd bid in this one.... APA showed my bid, DD showed my bid however my avatar didn't show up until I started bidding again later...
    But I WON it.... 8P

    Was the 3rd bid in at the same time as the first four... OK was # 4 so I thought I'd watch... While watching I went for the Stereo Bar... Won that... came back to check on this one and Hmmmm let me see... Smart move or what? 8P

  7. Last entry was for the Nikon

  8. Oh and I forgot to say that if 3 or more bidders bid for first bid all at the same time you had better be watching the names roll instead of looking for the avatars because sometimes they don't show up until another bid is placed.

    This happened three times today... Once on me and twice on another bidder when we all came in at the same time.... It pays to pay attention when that clock is at 30 sec for first bid... Look at the LIST not the avatars.....

    Obviously Anon is not an experienced bidder on DD as of yet or maybe they would have known this little tidbit....

    Maybe it's something you should make a NOTE of before you start complaining about JUMPING PRO'S......... Sound like I'm a little aggravated? Darn right... Get your FACTS STRAIGHT before you use "MY" name in something negative when it comes to DEAL DASH sweetie!!!!

  9. I'm Anonymous from earlier, in reply to LadyK's kind remarks.

    Well, well, a feisty one! But never fear, I shall back up my claim. I'm not one to go tossing around accusations without good cause. In addition, I'll show that it isn't so obvious that I am inexperienced, which I am not, and that I am quite familiar with how DealDash works.

    First of all, let me just say that I do know that the avatars do not always display immediately. However, from my experience, once the page is refreshed, they do appear in the proper order. Looking back at auction #68491, I see your avatar not at the top, but farther down. Also, you claimed above that when you supposedly bid second, it showed in APA (a site with which I am also familiar). Now, I know that APA is not always an accurate source, but it seems strange that it shows which bidder placed each bid, and yet, LadyK does not show until the auction price reached $7.62. Hmmm. A mistake on both sites? Not to mention, I DID watch the ENTIRE auction and do not recall your name showing up early.

    And as if this isn't enough, my friend who recommended DealDash to me told of another incident with iPad auction, which he had been watching for hours, where a LadyK came in at the end and won with only 16 bids! All after several bidders had used hundreds of bids and battled for hours! This auction can also be found on DealDash and APA:

    So, hon, did I have my FACTS STRAIGHT or not?

  10. After 2 nights in a row of drinking/bidding my recommendation to everyone is leave the drinking part out. Was so tired from the night before that I fell asleep on the keyboard last night :(

  11. On LadyK's iPad auction, all the starters were gone. She jumped the jumpers. The jumper that had been bidding the longest jumped one of the starters at $8.75 I believe. I do it too if the starting bidders are out. Even if I don't care for one of the starters I will respectfully leave the auction alone until there is nothing but jumpers left. Sometimes the habitual jumpers need a taste of their own medicine.

  12. Well said Penny... Thanks! As for those avatars.. Wrong again they don't always go in the right order once you refresh... I refreshed several times and the avatar WAS in the wrong place... As well as did my HUSBAND when he was playing earlier in the day... His didn't place his at 2nd bid when he was playing it didn't show up until the 5th row when he came back in... As for APA... if you watch it enough while IN PLAY not after the fact you will notice that even if you place the 1st bid... once you bid again your name bounces to the top of the list and sticks around in place until the next bid and a so on... if you get out... it drops down and the time is from your LAST bid on APA not your FIRST!!!

    Thanks again Penny.... Some just don't get it and they don't know how long we have really been around... I'm a DAILY PLAYER much like you Penny so I guess we see a lot more habits changing and some of us still do respect the older ways...

    When times change... So do the players!

    Back to the original statement... I guess I should have just left it as it's is frustrating to us OLDIES to see all the FROGS too... and why waste our dough until absolutely necessary!!!!

    We throw our bids out in hopes a bidding pal may see it... does not necessarily mean they will not bid on that auction or even be in it against you... If we want the item, we will go for the item... END STORY!!!!

    Jump or not to Jump.... WHO CARES.... GO FOR WHAT YOU WANT, WHEN YOU WANT IT.... RESPECT WHOM YOU RESPECT.... My money is just that.. MINE... I'll spend on whom I want and for WHAT I want!!!

    8) Good mood to Bad mood!!! Gotta go bid now and WIN something!

    Excuse the behavior 411... didn't mean to "JUMP" your post!!!! I just could not keep my mouth shut this time! Especially when someone posts as Anon and can't feel free to post as themselves! 8)

  13. Oppps... I guess I can't go bid... I forgot I'm on the 1/1 list... Me bad.... As for the #68491 auction...Actually I came in at $0.02 at the same exact time as HolyDark...and if you do watch APA you will notice it does not always catch your bid especially if you are coming in at the same time as other players on 1st bid... I looked at the list and there was not a single sole in there I knew of and nothing else caught my attention at the time when I came back in so why the heck not bid for it... All the players at the end were newbies as far as I was concerned with the exception of Max whom only placed 1 bid and got out... I placed the most bids in the auction anyway! (325 DD data not APA another reason why you can't quote APA for the data you are going off of!!!) Now I guess I'll have to go find another site to bid on until I'm released from jail like Baby always calls it! 8)

  14. Anonymous here again:

    The insinuations that I don't know as much about penny auctions as you and other oldies is getting, well, old. I've been around long enough to know how things work and you (nor pennywiser, for that matter) have not said anything that I didn't already know. So please just cut the I'm-so-good-because-I've-been-here-for-ten-months attitude.

    As for the jumping in after the starters are gone, how can you be sure the starters are really gone and not just waiting until the right time to get back in?

    Your response seemed a little back-and-forth; one moment you're against jumping, the next you're defending it. And don't newbies, as aggravating and clueless as they sometimes are, deserve some respect, too? They aren't newbies forever, and those who stick around remember things.

    In any case, surely you can see why in my previous post that I would accuse you of jumping. It wasn't some random thing that popped out of my head. If I was wrong about anything I said, particularly the auction from yesterday, then I apologize. Maybe I shouldn't have called people out, but it was something that was really frustrating me and I felt the need to vent.

    I'm sure anyone can see why I'm not posting as myself; the last thing I want is a bunch of oldies targeting things I'm bidding on.

  15. Anon, In your original post, it all made sense to me except for the Ladyk part. I feel the same way as you about the other bidders that you mentioned. I have not seen her just randomly jump an auction. When I say habitual jumpers, I'm talking about the ones that use it as their primary strategy. Usual if a starter has dropped out but is watching and waiting to re-enter, they will place a single bid to let you know they are still there if you start to bid. We openly state our feelings with are names attached to our post and I'm sure there are people that don't like what we say but I personally do not go after people based off of there post, what happens on the battle field determines how I bid. We are all looking for good deals and revenge bidding wastes everyone's money. I don't think your post would stir things up on the site like you think it would. Anyways, good luck, it's crazy out there these days. Everyone is changing their strategies because the good deals are dwindling.

  16. Thank you, pennywiser. You seem like a good person. I'm going to go with your word and LadyK's responses that maybe I was wrong about her. So, LadyK, I'm sorry for badmouthing you, upsetting you, and putting you in a bad mood. I'll think more carefully from now on before posting. And maybe I do still have a few things to learn.

  17. Anon:

    Thanks I appreciate that... and I apologize as well to you too. I was just getting ready to post the following when I saw your post come in right now and had to add this note to the top of my post... So here is what I was going finish up my conversation with on this subject... 8)

    The only reason I continued to state that you may not know things we do know is because you are posting under ANONYMOUS... If you had posted using your bidding name so we knew who you were it may have been a little bit different.

    Many times we are called out on forums from those that post anonymously and those are usually the ones whom have not bid against us and/or are so new and just assume things because they see us posting a lot on the forums or bidding a lot on the sites and our names seem to stick in their heads more than others. But if I'm called out, I will defend myself as I'm afraid of no one and my opinion is just that MY OWN...and that is really all that matters to me... I know ME... no one else really does, and you really never know the other bidders anyway.... It may be only what you witness and assume what you may think their strategies may be and how they may play their games!

  18. (Post too long it would only let me post in multiples)

    I too apologize for my striking out at you as I have a personal issue of my own with one of my children that is of a very serious matter and that alone has me on edge. When I saw my name included in a list of what people consider jumpers it just made me spin up like a tornado!

    This jumping issue has many sides to it. For me PERSONALLY... I don't even look at people as if they are jumping. I could really care less one way or the other on this subject but if you use my name in the negative it does make me aggravated. Most don't think about bidding and playing on the sites the same as I do.

    I bid because it is fun for me and I really enjoy it because I can and I do get a lot of sweet deals. However on the flip side I do lose a lot too and that is not as fun as winning.

    When someone comes into an auction that I may have been playing in for a long, long time I have to consider many factors. Are they jumping in the auction because they know me and they are trying to make a play against me because they think I'm a strong player? Trying to make a new reputation as taking on a strong seasoned player? Are they one that may have just joined the site and just logged in and loaded their account, see an item of interest and just start bidding? Do they not care about anyone but themselves and could careless about who is or has been bidding or how long they have been bidding? The list could go on and on about why new players enter an auction. It could be revenge because they lost against this player previously, it could be for no reason at all but just to go for the item and win it.

  19. To me it doesn't really matter. When I bid it is my choice to continue to bid and for how long, it is my choice to come back later if I so choose to do so or to just quit and look for something else. If someone comes into one I've been in for a long time I can not hold it against them for trying to win as that was my plan when I came into that very same auction before them. Everyone should have a chance to win what they want, when they want. Everyone has the right to spend their money in bids how they see fit. Be it from the beginning of an auction or to come into it late. No one can tell you when to shop for groceries and no one can tell you when to shop for a deal on DealDash either. It is YOUR peronsal choice.

    These revenge bidders like penny said, it only wastes everyone's money. I do NOT under any circumstances bid for revenge. It is absolutely stupid and immature!

    Also let me add like Penny has said before - it is absolutely beyond me why people would target anyone for posting their feelings on an issue on a forum. It has nothing to do with anything but a personal opinion. To come after you because you voiced your concerns or thoughts on any subject is no reason what so ever to come target you. PERIOD!

    PENNY - Thank you for letting everyone know that you have not seen me randomly jump an auction. I do not jump in on anyone. I choose my battles wisely for me and no one else. I will state here and now that I do have those bidders I do respect and If I see them in an auction I rarely if ever step on their toes as another item of the same likeness will surface sooner or later on DDash or another site. There is no reason to just waste bids against another strong player you know will go deep and one you know may consider it a challenge and stay in to win at all costs just because they assume you are challenging them. Foolish I know but it does happen. As stated before should I determine that someone has dropped out of the item has no further interest I may at my discretion get back in or go into an auction. This I do not consider jumping this I consider a smart shopping move for ME... PERIOD!

    On my last an final note on this subject... I agree completely with Penny!
    The bidding environment has changed and will continue to change. Strategies of those you thought you knew are no longer present. Deals are harder to be had than they were last year or even at the beginning of this year. Bidding patterns are no longer concrete and to get that deal and be a smart savvy player you have to change as these patterns change. If you don't, you will lose a lot more than you want to. Things are not as they seem in bid land anymore and if you plan on sticking around longer you have to adapt to this new changing environment.

    I've had to chance my habits and my bidding style several times since I have been introduced to Penny Auctions. Each site I bid on is different with different bidders and bidding habits. Know the site, Know the Bidders and change when needed to get the deal.

    Good luck out there! 8)

    PPS... Sorry DD411... I guess I wasn't done but now I am.. I promise! At least on this post teeeee heeeee .....