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Saturday, August 6, 2011

DealDash 411: Where on Earth Did I Go?

Thanks for the comments wondering about my whereabouts. It makes me feel special. Whew, what a week, i'll tell you that. Here is what happened:

So i was on my yacht, the Immaculata, and we were cruising up the Pacific Coast, and late one night i went out on deck, lost my balance and fell Overboard into the ocean. When they found me, i had amnesia and i had no idea what had happened.  This carpenter who had remodeled my closet (poorly, i  might add. Everyone knows a good closet is made from cedar!) recognized me and i went to live with him and his family and learned not to be a horrific snob. Then my memory came back and i went home a better person and realized life on my yacht wasn't as great as being with the sweaty carpenter. So i turned the yacht around and he came to find me and we both jumped into the ocean, swam to meet each other in this brilliant moment and i lived happily ever after. 

Do i even need to explain what i was just talking about? I hope not....

I just checked out DealDash and geez has it changed in just a little time! I recognize none of these Newbies, snow cone makers are going at high prices and hop-ons are everywhere. (Remember hop-ons? i'm not kidding - this is the new term).  I was feeling lost - where were the Beefers? RemysMom? Any name i recognized?  Then i saw lailamar  jump in on an auction and felt grounded once again. And then I saw manzanita and everything was once again ok in the DealDash world. Though I won't truly feel like I am home until a Beefer shows up....

I'm back on the DealDash watch, but you all have to tell me if anything ridiculous happened while i was gone...any newbie names that need pronunciation or analyzing, or anything else. I already have my list going....


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  1. Ok that's not what happened. What happened was "The Perfect Storm" of life and work. As much as i would love to make a living off blogging about penny auctions, i live in the real world, and had to take care of some business! And no, the perfect storm did not occur because i was slacking and watching Deal Dash too much. But thanks for checking.

    I also had a GENIUS idea which i can't wait to share....