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Saturday, August 20, 2011

DealDash 411 Strategies, Tips, Hints: What?

Screeeeeech! That is the noise i heard - a needle scratching across the record as the room went quite - when i read this:

Well there is change in the air for me. My penny auction days are over. I've spent way to much time on them and my wife said it's either penny auctions or her. I like penny auctions but I love my wife, so I must bid no more.

This is from non-other than our Peacemaker, pennywiser. Ok i am overflowing with questions and comments! I think there are people cheering and people crying everywhere over this. I am personally crying. Those cheering think now they can maybe win something without you in the mix, but really they just aren't that good. 

First, this is what we will now call a PAU. Penny Auction Ultimatum. That's when someone in your life asks you to choose PAs or them. My PAU was slightly different - it was family members telling me to stop talking to them about PAs or stop talking to them at all. Hence, the birth of this blog.

So pennywiser got a PAU, and by all means, made the CORRECT choice. Seriously everyone, don't even think twice when faced with a PAU. Choose REAL people over PAs every time please. If  you don't, then you need an Intervention.

Meanwhile, my questions for  you pennywiser:

1)are you going to still check my blog??? Was that banned too? (ok that was selfish of me).

2)Were you handing over all your winnings to the wife? That usually works for most people. Can you give us an idea of how long that works?

3) What on earth will you do with all  your free time?

4) Is the computer banned in general or just PAs? I ask because, as resident peace maker, i think you still need some involvement. You can be my co-host. It's minimal time compared to actually playing. If that is not possible, maybe you and the wife can game together. I have ideas, of course.

5) hmmm...i'm liking this co-host idea. Your wife can be another co-host. We'll be like The View.

6) Is this going to be one of those things where you announce your retirement and then come back and play and retire 17 more times? You know the retiree-addicts. 

7) is this a genius ploy where you retire and then secretly come back under a different UserName? Like nickelwiser? or pennywiser2? or maybe bfrsuncle? That would be awesome.

8)And, sorry, but can't stop focusing on myself....are you still going to check my blog? If you don't then i'll be down to LadyK and the Anon guy who check my blog. 3 was such a magic number...what if i suddenly have more questions for  you? What if i feel lost not seeing your name pop up on DD? This is hard for you, but it is hard for me too. 

i have to stop typing. My tears are going to short-circuit my keyboard (that would be a keyboard for a desktop computer, because i could never win myself a laptop, netbook, ipad, tablet or whatever). 

I can't promise there will be more commentary today...i just don't know if i can do it...


  1. Hey, does anyone know why for some bidders on it shows when buy it now was used, but not all bidders? On mine, once when I looked it showed it, but every other time it didn't.

  2. DD411,

    I'll still check you blog, at least for awhile.I had given my wife a fair amount of stuff that I won, but that was not the point, it was the time I dedicated to the auctions, forums, blogs, etc. DD was just one of the sites I played on. The computer has been a sore subject long before penny auctions came around. A co-host position sounds great but I would have to watch the site more than I actually played on it so I don't think it would fly. My wife can't stand computers, she has had to use one all day at work, every day for the past 20 years or so and the last thing she wants to do when she gets home is to voluntarily use one. Getting her involved is a definite NO. I doubt I'll be back bidding, if I ever was allowed to I'm sure it would be more like 1 auction a month or something like that. I'd rather not tease myself like that anyways.

    Keep up the good work, you have a very entertaining blog!

  3. Anon, for a short while APA automatically showed when you did a BIN. They turned off that feature and now you have to manually add the "BIN used" tag to the auction. You have to be logged into APA to do it. Put the mouse pointer over the auction title you want to add "used BIN" to, and the option will be there.

  4. Anon: The BIN USED was a real issue for me when it showed up on APA the very first day. APA was going to have that feature for "US" to turn on or off on our own. Then all of a sudden it was just automatically on... I did NOT like that at all from the point of view no one needs to know what I spend my money on or not... and I didn't like the fact that this information was being given to APA without my consent.

    Needless to say I sent letters to not only APA but to the owner of DDash... Had that fixed within a few hours and now it is back to the original way APA was going to do it anyway by allowing users to CHOOSE to put the BIN USED on any auction they chose to do so.

    You can see my posts on the APA forum here about this subject...

    YES it may have pissed off a few people who may have wanted to check up on OTHER bidders and what they were doing as far as BIN's... but if you think about it with your own personal information being given out - It is a whole other story! At least in my opinion it is!!!


  5. Penny; Sorry to see you go darlin... you were a great competitor and bidding pal and It will be very lonely out there without seeing you on some auction kicking butt! Take care of yourself and be happy in all you do. Hope you check back in with us every once in a while here and on PAW....

    Wish I had the strength to walk away sometimes but for some darn reason each time I try I find myself checking in on a site and just buying a new set of bids.... the cycle continues!

    Best Wishes to you!


  6. oh pennywiser you just broke my heart. I had been planning our co-hosting all weekend! And you answered Anon like a seasoned pro! But it is ok. I completely understand. I can't say that I am not disappointed because i am. Say hi to us every once in awhile and tell us all the wonderful things there are to do in the world outside of Penny Auctions.....