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Thursday, August 11, 2011

DealDash411: My Genius Idea

Ok, I think i struck gold with this one. Best Idea Ever. (or newest best idea ever). Everyone is getting a little bored and frustrated with Deal Dash, now that everyone and their mother (literally. Their grandmothers too) has a ba-zillion Deal Dash bids because they were offering a special because it was a Deal Dash employee's goldfish's birthday.  Deal Dash is losing a little bit of the charm they first had. So it might be the perfect time to introduce the BEST PENNY AUCTION IDEA EVER. This will be your newest, coolest penny auction site - with the best items, the best of the best of the best, and then I can make me some money (intentional bad grammar).

ugh it is just so good.....


this one is going to be my biggest success story ever....

wait for it......

drummerboy - drum roll please........ it's called....

ProtoProToss's CLOSET

Right? Best idea ever? We know ProtoProtoss must have a closet full of the best brand new gear - computers, cameras, ipads, Cracker Barrel cards, Vacuum cleaners and more. You name it and I bet he has won it somewhere...It will be the elite of the elite penny auction sites! Win ProtoProtoss's stuff!
(so ProtoProtoss, maybe at this point you should give me a call...i know you may be learning this genius idea with everyone else, but BEST PA SITE EVER!! And we could put some barbells on there, and make the shipping so expensive that it pays for the item. Oh wait, sorry, Save Big already cornered that market...)

So while ProtoProtoss and I work out the details, everyone just sit tight and think about how awesome this site would be.

Catch ya later on my  yacht, while i hang out with other PA success stories!
Or not.

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