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Thursday, August 18, 2011

DealDash 411 Tips, Hints, Strategies, and General Commentary: The Wind of Change?

(Whistling...................(if you haven't already gotten it, you probably won't)............)

Are we feeling the wind of change? Are we feeling a slight breeze of fresh air? I ask, because last night, a few people were taken to the magic of a moment, on a glory night, where the children of tomorrow dream away in the wind of change (if you aren't smiling you still don't get it. that's ok). Here is one of those people:

 he got my tablet for $0.29!!!! You know i've been going through a PA Bitter Phase. That is when you see these deals and actually get bummed because you didn't get it. This is that phase where you say things like you are 6 years old again. "It's not fair!" "Why can't I win it?" "Nothing good ever happens to me!"
Normally I am very happy for the people who get the ultimate deal but lately the lucky ones like Jayboy - right place at the right time - have been making me Bitter. Maybe because i never got the ultimate deal during my PA playing days. So I immediately have to throw myself a pity party.

I'm thinking it is because there have been such outrageous auction prices and such epic battles that winning something great is now like an honor.  LIke GOODKARMA
At least there was a fight for this one. So when something goes for $.29, it just sucks. Not for jayboy. But for poor poor me..Ok I'm out of the Bitter phase moment. You know you have all had that moment where you get bitter...don't pretend you don't know what I'm talking about...

Anyway, the wind of change. I say this because last night, there were quite a few wins for just pennies. We haven't seen that in weeks! We have seen the random one here and there, but last night there was ALMOST some consistency...I don't want to claim that things are settling down, but this is a good sign. Unless there is going to be another sale tomorrow.

In other news, Ms. Lailamar won something - weird.  (that was sarcastic). She'll be sneaking her popcorn into the movie theaters now...AMC - keep an eye out...I'm sure she has one of your gift cards. She may be smuggling in popcorn (which we all understand because somewhere someone decided you should overpay for everything at the movies).

Pennywiser - someone's got your number. You put out the call and they have answered...this one's for you!! We'll need our Peacekeeper up and alert. No falling asleep at the computer...

Is there change in the air? Let's keep watching....

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  1. Well there is change in the air for me. My penny auction days are over. I've spent way to much time on them and my wife said it's either penny auctions or her. I like penny auctions but I love my wife, so I must bid no more.