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Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Dealdash411: TIME OUT!!!

Ok, so i see regular players bidding on a $10 gift card...which of course is not on the main screen, and yet i see big names in there like is popping up on the right side when you go into other auctions..did they glitch? I have yet to see the $10 gift card since back in the day when i signed up....does anyone else still get these from time to time? Those are the Newbie Luring cards!

in bidding on that card is a player named cemetarygates. I've seen cemetarygates over at and he battles...if he is joining DealDash now, or coming back to play if he already has joined, it will be interesting to see what strategies he uses. Haven't seen his member date yet.

Meanwhile, krisoma and catlabbs22, are you guys really battling over a $10 gift card? Remember, i think you still pay shipping on those so really you end up with like $5 gift card, minus all your bids. Help me understand.

[tangent: So the player name cemetarygates initially intrigued me, because i thought this was chosen in reference to the Pantera song,  "Cemetary Gates." Which i think is really cool. But now i'm thinking it is just a name...cemetarygates maybe you should say it's from Pantera. That is hard-core cool. [end tangent]

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  1. Woah!! Time Out again! dolfan410, are you the same dol-fan at Worldwinner?? I just saw your name there...and thought, "no, could it possibly be true?" And if so, why am i so excited about it? That's the real question.

    dolfan410 how am i going to get you to check this blog? I need answers!