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Monday, August 8, 2011

DealDash 411 - So DealDash has a few new Auction Items...

Well, I hope you all will come back and still check in on DD411...We've turned over a new leaf in the month of August, and there are things to discuss!

First, Deal Dash finally put up some new items for if you are sick of eating at Applebee's and Cracker Barrel, or shopping at Target (who am i kidding, shopping at Target will never get old), you can now go for DJ Hero and a Hamilton Beach Carve n' Set Electric.

[ Tangent Alert!]: Why do people make adult products with "n' " abbreviation? To me, using the n' immediately brings me back to childhood toys and games, like Fisher Price "Lift n' Load." That n' is used appropriately. Which anyone had the Lift n' Load, knows exactly what i am talking about in the coolness factor...Lift n' Load was like the coolest ever, and they came up with a kid friendly fun name. Would I like it as much if it were called "Lift and Load?" maybe when i was 5, but i would hate it now if it had "and" because it is a kid's toy. It is a kid thing!! Like every other Fisher Price Toy: play n' go, stand n' play, jump n' ride, tow n' pull, rumble n' blast....the list is endless because kid's toys have to describe what you are supposed to do with the toy, and still in a fun way. I mean if you tried to sit while playing with the "stand n' play" you are in big trouble. You better read the directions if you want to have fun.

You know i am surprised some crazy parent hasn't sued over something as dumb as know- they make all those laws  to protect kids with flame-retardant pajamas (by law). So now your kid sleeps every night in some chemically altered fabric which can't be so healthy for them either. I get it, in the case of a house fire. But the suing started over a kid touch a candle or something. But why do you have a candle ANYWHERE in reach of a small child? They should never catch on fire because you should be watching them and not having open flames around your house. No one get mad at me - i feel really bad for whomever this happened to but come all our kids have to sleep in chemically sprayed fire- retardant pj's?? Is that healthy? sorry i went off again....back the point, or at least the point of the tangent - is some parent going to sue over this "carve n' set" knife, because we have trained kids to recognize the  "n'" as a word/letter in KIDS TOYS. You know it's for kids because you see the n'. Kids don't know stuff. Remember, kid's touch fire and light sockets. So i'm waiting for the lawsuit where the kid gets cut playing with the knife that seems like it should be a kid's toy because of the n' in it, as opposed to the fact that the parent left the darn thing in reach of a kid. Geez our society is ridiculous. Now run and tell your small child to stop sucking on their chemical-laden pjs.   [end tangent]

So if you need a carving knife, just remember if you act fast, you'll get not 1 but 17 carving knives for the price of 1! You can give out at Christmas! And if you get it right now, you'll also get  12 free meaningless cookbooks, a revolutionary spaghetti strainer and  5 sham-wows free.

Or let's take a moment to all envision the grannies on Deal Dash battling for the DJ Hero for little Susie and Johnny....or for granny - which would be so awesome if granny and gramps battled it out scratching. Love it!!


Wait not so fast: tangent addendum: For anyone who wasn't sure, Guns n' Roses is not a kid friendly band. They can get away with using the n' because they are cool. There is always an exception to the rule.

Ooh, and don't forget, today is 8th:  Sneak Some Zucchini onto Your Neighbor's Porch Day . Google it. I didn't make this up. And remember, if it is on the Internet, then it must be true. Deal Dash may have a bid special to celebrate. 

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  1. Oohhh!!! Elmo headphones. They should really make those a 1 per user item...