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Monday, August 22, 2011

Dealdash411: Tips, Hints, Strategies and General Commentary: Just Another Manic Monday

You know, I secretly get really happy when i see the animal lovers Dealdashing. I guess if i am writing it here, I'm not doing anything secretly. So in that case, I get really happy when i see the animal lovers Dealdashing.  Like Kangaroou and WildlifeEd are bidding on a bid package. Throw KokotheMonkey, or mnklvr in there and then you can totally imagine the animal crews at their computers bidding on stuff.  I know I should know this word, but it is know when you give human attributes to non-human things? Is it anthropomorphism? I don't think i just made that up...i think i just pulled that out of the depths of my brain in the college section, right next to flip cup and beer pong. That was a long time ago.

Anyway, i'm seeing human-like animals playing penny auctions. Like a kangaroo and an actual monkey.  I know that is taking things too literally and to a ridiculous level (possibly creepy), but do that suspension of disbelief thing and then maybe it's funny.

I can't get these associations out of my head. It's killing me.  This is up for auction today:

So i know this is the game Grand Theft Auto. I'll reserve my comments on dumb video games for now. But GTA reminds me of something i wish i could purge from my brain: GTL. And those ridiculous Jersey Shore TV people. ugh. I see this game and see GTA and think GTL. And that abomination of a tv show suddenly surfaces in my brain. I can't stop it. How those ridiculous people are getting PAID to be morons is crazy dumb. (Or is it crazy smart? we'll debate later. Should i really be commending them because they get to be exactly their loser selves and they get paid? I guess i would want to get paid for writing this blog and being ME. So maybe they are the luckiest people that they live in a society ridiculous enough to like people like them...i guess i just debated that right now). 

 Because really, somehow they are doing something so wrong that it is right.  Check this out from

Abercrombie & Fitch does not want Mike "The Situation" Sorrentino to wear their clothing. Yes, the same company that markets thong underwear to pre-teen girls and padded bikini tops to 7-year-olds would prefer if the rapscallion Romeo of MTV's "Jersey Shore" stopped rocking their logo.
And if asking nicely isn't enough, they'll pay him to stop donning their duds.
The retailer put out a statement Tuesday titled "A Win-Win Situation," saying it has a "deep concern" over the connection between Sorrentino and the brand. A&F offered a "substantial payment" to the 29-year-old reality TV star "to wear an alternate brand."

Where do i sign up? I want to get paid to NOT wear certain brands? I can't think of anything easier....forget college and hardwork...if you act like a dingbat on TV, they will pay you for being a dingbat and people will pay you NOT to wear their clothes... So again, can we say really say that this is an awful idea? Well, yes it is, but our society allows it. So do our kids now need to stop applying to colleges and start applying full time to reality tv shows? It seems to be more profitable and you don't need to mortgage your gold tooth filling to pay for it...

I guess, in the end, because this is the world we live in, this is kind of a genius way to make money doing nothing. But I'm not going to credit anyone on the Jersey Shore with ANY kind of credit for having this kind of forethought. This was no plan they devised. But if a smart person were to build a persona for tv and plan it...that might be genius. Sad, but genius. 

Maybe one of the penny auctions will get one of these Jersey cats to be their spokesperson. How funny would that be? I don't think they would understand a penny auction concept. Unless it was a PA for alcohol and free tanning sessions....

I can't believe i spent that much space on them. But I did. The real people who suffer here are the NORMAL people in New Jersey. I'm really sorry New Jersey people. Your state will forever be tainted by these yay-hoos and it is not really fair to you. At least you still have Bon Jovi and Springsteen. Too bad younger kids will probably know the name "Pauly D" before they learn the name Springsteen. It's a travesty.

Go bid on GTA on Deal Dash and furnish your kitchen with all bamboo  gear. 



  1. pennywiser - I miss you already. I know i get too attached. It's really a problem.

  2. I've also added PAU to my terminology list. It is an important one. And it will be the subject of my next post

  3. And FYI, punxsyphil popped his little head out last night and won three auctions. That punxsyphil...what a character. He is definitely part of the animal crew.
    And I'm kind of into bluemeanee01, because i love the flashback to childhood of calling someone a "meanie." Sometimes that really is the perfect word to describe someone being mean.

  4. I really really really wanted to say "you're a meanie!!" to someone at work today. It was very hard to hold that comment in. It was so appropriate. i wish i had just said it.

  5. Darn it people!! The last 2 hours people just scored awesome deals on Deal Dash old school style - for pennies!!