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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

DealDash411: Tips, Hints, Strategies and General Commentary: The Penny Auction Ultimatum (Part 1)

The Penny Auction Ultimatum

That is definitely the topic of this week, ever since pennywiser announced his PAU (penny auction ultimatum) moment. I've added this to the TERMINOLOGY section because at some point, every penny auction player is going to experience some type of PAU.

A PAU is defined as any moment when you are give a choice between a PA and another event/thing/person.  They come in many forms and there are warning signs. ( you know, even Mr. and Mrs. beefer may get to this at some point, but probably not for a long time).

Part 1 covers some beginning  hints and signs that a PAU may be on the way:

Signs you are spending too much time playing PAs:

- you are pasty white because you never go outside.

- you have permanent neck trouble from staring at the computer and your butt constantly falls asleep. (Note: If  your chiropractor just bought a brand new car....might be an issue).

- your credit card company calls you with fraud alerts because of suspicious charges to random websites for 24 cents, or 1.47 (everyone should have gotten this call when you first started playing penny auctions. If not, you may need to find a better credit card company with better fraud alerts. Geez they were all over me when i first started. i appreciated it though).

- you have notifications set up on your phone and calendar for good auctions coming up. In fact you had to delete people's birthdays and appointment info because you needed more space for these on your calendar. This is a  problem.

- when you have sleep more at your computer than you do in your actual bed.
         Some signs to look for:
         - grumpy mood from being up all night
          - grumpy mood for bad night's sleep in a chair
         - the dark circles under the eyes
         - consistently late for work in the morning.
        - headaches, backaches and general irritation.

- When you no longer go the supermarket because all you eat are Pringles, Oreos, Slim Jims and that weird soda that you won on DealDash. Or because you only eat out in restaurants with gift cards.

- If can't purchase anything outside of a PA. If you can't exercise until you win some kind of exercise machine on a PA. You can't buy a new camcorder unless you win it on a PA. You can't buy new bar stools unless they are from a PA. You can't buy ANYTHING unless you find it on a PA.

Signs your loved ones think you spend too much time playing PAs:
- eye rolls - this is key!  When you mention a penny auction and you start getting eye rolls, this is a sign that PAs are getting annoying to someone. When you first start playing, you are usually met with some excitement or eagerness to see what you won. But when you start getting eye rolls....

 - eye rolls with the disgusted "ugh." That means it is getting worse. When audible and visual cues are being given, you need to know that with 2 senses  now involved,  things could start to go bad very quickly.

 - when the eye rolls and disgusted "ugh" is also accompanied by WORDS, you are on a slippery slope.
For example - "Honey, let's go, we're going to be late to the Jane's championship T-ball game!" And when your loved one comes all the way from the front door to the back office to see what you are doing, looks in and see you on a PA, you then get -:  big eye roll ---  very disgusted ugh noise followed by "Really?" or "Are you seriously still playing?" You are on thin ice.

Eye Roll + disgusted grunt + words = problem.

Tomorrow we will tackle Part 2:

How to recognize a PAU and how to handle a PAU

Followed by:

How to avoid a PAU

Feel free to add any of your personal experiences....



  1. I wanna know who these two are: BiddingAddict and RigMan. These two seem to follow each other from auction 2 auction or at least today they did and they pay SOOOOOOOOOO MUCHHHHHHHH for the stuff.
    What gives? Why do people do this?

  2. you know there are lots of tag team partners out there, and married couples. they could be some sort of duo....although technically you can't both be bidding from same IP address on the same item. so maybe they are just besties (that is "best friends" for the not-quite-so-hip crowd. i'll save the rest of this tangent for later because i need to include a visual element).

    Anyway, i don't know why people do these things. i don't know why people spend so much on these things. Your questions are exactly why i try to reason these things out and figure out who
    a) doesn't know what they are doing
    b) knows but has so much money they don't care
    c) has some kind of ego problem and can't back down
    d) who just plays with no sense

    You have to watch out for these players. We just don't understand them, and that makes them dangerous.

  3. HA HA now this is funny. I am positive these two do not know each other because I do know RigMan and he doesn't know anything about the BidingAddict. They are NOT a bidding duo as might have been suggested either.

    As for your A-D comments DD411... A,C and D do NOT apply to RigMan, B maybe LOL ...

    But from what I know of him he does most of his bidding from a laptop with a pretty crappy internet connection and has to hurry up and look at the items, choose something and set a buddy and run before the internet goes down.

    Sometimes he is lucky and gets a good deal and other times he must use that BIN feature and return another day.

    As for BidingAddict following RigMan from auction to auction BidingAddict most likely does not know he has to set and forget and let it ride... So many may be pissed off at him for going strong and deep.

    In my opinion not his fault he is just trying to play with the connection he has.. which is crappy!

    I bet many might use this tactic because of internet connections or maybe they are at work and have to hurry setup a buddy and turn off the site before the boss finds out.

    Yes this still makes them dangerous but I would not put RIGMAN in any of those categories. Nice guy, No ego, has lots of sense but does have extra dough - he's in oil!

    Just my 2 cents!!!!

  4. And ladyK, this is again why we love you. I feel like you are the all knowing presence. And you seem to personally know alot of players so you can clear up some of our pondering...
    SO - Rigman - awesome dude, no ego, lots of sense, lots of money. I'm now understanding the "Rigman" name too. But Rigman needs to invest some of that dough in a reasonable internet connection! Unless he is hidden away in some grand Montana ranch (i'm jealous), and he would need to buy his own satellite or something.

    we've also learned that BidingAddict and Rigman are not besties. Though that would have been fun. Excellent info to add to my collection of player information.

  5. Heee Heee I asked the same thing about getting his own satellite and he told me when people think of Oil Rigs they think Beverly Hillbillies style oil.

    Unfortunately that is not how it works. The oil rigs are on temp locations out in the middle of absolutely no where or out in the ocean and they already use satellites but they are timed to share with others.

    So connections in real-time are crappy especially for trying to bid quickly. If he was just looking up information or sending a few emails he could do that with the major lag but still with restrictions and clouds do get in the way believe it or not.

    So even though they produce lots of dough - getting it is a bit of a hassel but well worth it in the end. He said you have to give up some luxuries to get those later in the day.

    LOL Just thought you might want to know that!

  6. lady K, see, great minds think alike. We hear of a problem and we want to try to help and fix it. Satellites. We are do-gooders. We have big hearts.

    So now i see why our friend rigman has issues. So he is actually out on a rig somewhere in the middle of nowhere...that is SO cool. You know he should do oil stuff in Orange County California. There the oil things are scattered amongst the houses, or just off the coast in the ocean. You know those things that look like dinosaurs? i used to call them dinosaurs. You see them all over Orange county, well at least they were there when i was visiting. I was surprised by that. maybe those are beverly hillbilly style. But those mega ocean ones are real or seem pretty legit. Those are Armageddon (the movie) style. Because that movie was so realistic i believe everything in it. (i did shed a tear when bruce willis sends ben affleck back into the space ship and he is yelling "Harry! no! harry! I love you harry!" Oh i just teared up).

    You know, i think i would love to play dealDash all day even with a bad connection, if i was sitting on an oil well. I could live with that.

    So does his bestie bidingaddict work on a nearby rig? hahaha

    And my most important, does Rigman read my blog?? i want to give him shout outs and hear what's happening out there..

  7. Rigman! Hi! I love you! will you be my bestie? i think ladyk is my bestie!

  8. Heeeee Heeeee Heeee you make me laugh everyday! 8)