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Tuesday, August 9, 2011

DealDash411: Good Morning Deal Dashers

So we all probably saw OKKAMS going for that laptop yesterday. I started watching and I was wondering who was going to use up all their bids against OKKAMS. None of us were shocked to see OKKAMS with the win - obviously the favorite here. (pronunciation of OKKAMS is "oak - ums." Not O-K kams or something like that).

Drummerboy popped up with some nice wins last night! Trip to Target and clean floors. Hey Drummerboy - you let me know how that mini-vac works out for you. I still haven't solved my vacuum cleaner issue. Mine still works....if you consider letting it sit for 5 minutes to get it to work for about 1 minute....I guess I'm thinking it will magically start working again because i really don't want to buy a vacuum cleaner. Don't ask me why i can get over this, but i clearly can't. I don't want to buy a new vacuum. And if you are thinking, "why are you so upset about buying a vacuum! At least  you have something to vacuum. There are kids in Africa who don't have anything to vacuum," then you are right. I am being ridiculous. One of these days I will come to terms and get a new vacuum. But i can't promise it will be soon.

we have a new family member joining us: bjbsuncle.  Don't you just love the proud family members? (pronunciation on this one is straightforward. Say each letter. B-J-Bees Uncle). Speaking of pronunciations, anyone seen that cat on BidWealth named relephant? Ok that's not how he spells it but all i see is Elephant with an R. Relephant. He had a rough day yesterday. Not that this is relephant to Deal Dash (ahahahah. Sorry, had to do it. I always take the bait).



  1. So i bailed on the yellow color font. i thought it might be hurting peoples eyes. So now you have no excuse for not reading the whole blog.

  2. And there is a new About ME winner of the week.

  3. You know what never gets old?? Different versions of the game Monopoly. It's the same exact game but they change the theme. It is kind of genius. Didn't you all buy the Star Wars Version awhile back? Oohhh! Did anyone have the Ewok Board Game?? Please say yes...

  4. Ok my friends, i'm gonna need a little help getting some more people to this site...i know my hiatus last week was NOT good, but i need the numbers up a little bit...any suggestions??

  5. Hey 411 - Sorry I have not visted in awhile, but I assure you I have not left the site in almost 3 hours, reading all of your posts.

    You seriously should be writting for the NY Times. Your work is classic and VERY entertaining!

    I still have yet to comment on the most recent post about the drum set.

    C L A S S I C!!!!!

    Thanks 411, and keep up the GREAT WORK!

    PS: My little yellow vacum is still sitting in the box I received it in. Doesnt seem like it will work on my tile floor very well. ;)