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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Tips, Hints Strategies DealDash Real TIme Update!!

I'm watching the  current auctions and i see one Newbie sdwilliams212 who signed up yesterday and is 2/6 on her under $200 items. sdwilliams212 is  playing an intimidation game, while SORELOSER camped out with a BidBuddy, all for FishEyes Rod & Reel with Underwater video camera. SORELOSER  you wanted a shout-out on Dealdash there  you go!! good luck!


  1. Looks like sdwilliams212 is going fishing! He just won the auction. sdwilliams212 looks like he is in for the long haul on these auctions. So far it looks like he really actually does want what he is bidding for. we'll keep watch

  2. Dude, sdwilliams212, who are you kidding? You just kicked butt and got yourself a fishing rod, and now you have joined the battle for the sewing machine? Do i need to classify you as a Hoarder? Are you really a Flipper? Fishing rod and sewing machine...don't just start bidding on stuff because you on a high! Don't make me call you an Out Of Control Newbie!!