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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Do you think YOU should be on my Watch List?

Tell me your player name - I'll watch your game play in the next few days. If i feel you are worthy of some notice, i''ll mention you....Build up your reputation on DD411.


  1. Mnijfyrtpo - How do you come up with a use name like this? Geez! I'm giving you a mention because as a Newbie, you should have given more thought to your UserName! I am going to have to refer to you as MiniFrito. There is no way i can continually type your username. Let's see how you play, since you just joined DeadDash a few days ago...

  2. DayTrader007 - i have my eye on you...i may label you a Time Hoarder or Intimidator...definitely and Oldie, 2009...