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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

DealDash 411 Current Players

So it looks like sime Oldies and some Re-surfacing Oldies are playing their strategies and picking now as a good time to play DealDash. In the last few hours krisoma has continued to win, MOUNTAINMAN is smelling good (got it? he won cologne. hahah), and iknowican is putting up a fight.
Resurfacing Oldies: Trucker, Bidnut - we'll study them today and see what strategy they like.
Also note, Serpiente won with no surprise - he has 600 bids!
watch out.
DD411 thinks this may be a good time to go for some lower priced items...not gift cards necessarily...I'm talking Toaster Ovens and Yahtzee here. Or choose your bigger item auction wisely, and see who you will be battling. Be prepared for Slow and Steady Strategy for higher priced items this morning. In the last few days, these higher priced items have sold at auction at very high prices...remember, $10.00 auction price means that 1000 bids had to be placed (that's why Dealdash is rich and we are not)...Consider at least 15 second average countdown time and that is alot of DealDash time to commit. You do the math.



  1. More Oldies are re-surfacing:
    SPECIALLADY is on the prowl

    I'd like to attempt to take credit for RICHCHELLO's Yahtzee win, but let's face it, he probably did that on his own accord.

    These resurfacing Oldies ARE significant threats. Know that going it to an auction. I've seen these names alot...they know what they are doing

  2. Oh and Remy, your mom just bid on those walkie does she want to keep tabs on you!!

  3. WE will also be adding some weekly awards, like "Best Game Play", Best UserName, Worst Username...stuff like that...
    right now i'm stuck on all the proud parent UserNames...soandsosmom, prouddaddy. I'll blog about those character's later

  4. Yep - All Newbies beware - the more experienced players are battling it out right now and things are not going cheap.
    DD411 suggests: if you are going to play right now, you will have to commit to Slow and Steady Strategy, and be prepared to wait it out. Or Buy It Now Fallback Strategy, but it will be a battle.

    Remy your mom WON the walkie-talkies...good luck buddy.