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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

DealDash 411: Watch List Add - Something is Fishy with Cryleew

Anybody know who this Cryleew nonsense person is?? Signed up 6/16, and has won only two big items...a netbook at $23 and a Samsung she flipping these items? did she buy 1000 bids or something? She has been Bid Buddy-ing almost all the auctions today, and DD411 finds it hard to believe she can sustain this pace...We're calling Something Fishy on Cryleew.....Either something isn't quite right here, or we have to classify Cryleew as OUT OF CONTROL NEWBIE...never trust anyone who buys 1000s of bids on DealDash. They are screwy in the head....
She is officially added to the Watch List. DD411 doesn't trust her as far as we can throw her. Which is nowhere because she lives in South Carolina.


  1. Drummerboy, Take Cryleew down!!! you're the man! or the boy!

  2. Cryleew, we will take you off WatchLIst is we can figure out what the heck you are doing. Until then, you stay on until we can classify you as something else.
    Right now, Drummerboy is classified as a DD422 HERO.

  3. ugh! of course we mean DD411! Duh! We were so distracted by the college fund money that Cryleew is using for the Ipad that we lost our heads for a moment...sorry kids.

  4. Although thank god Cryleew just stepped in on the coffeemaker to keep SPECIALLADY under control....Cryleew maybe you are really a blessing in disguise...

  5. Hmmm...Cryleew just saved everyone from SPECIALLADY everyone would be pissed if SPECIALLADY snuck in and nabbed another good one...potential for our Watch list that is for sure

  6. Cryleew, we make take your Watch List description out of CAPS! you are saving everyone from the demon that is SpecialLady - she is over-confident and playing hardball over that coffeemaker! Let's see...if you deserve to be in lower case...

  7. Piggy1Bird we are starting to wonder about you...Can you give us a map to CrazyTown? Will Cryleew be there?

  8. Remy beware! your mom just bid on the Spy Pen Camera! If she wins you better be extra extra good...

  9. Well 411, It was pleasure to be your "DD422 Hero". Especially in regards to CAPITAL "C"!

    The "frogs" drive me to my unhappy place....and anytime I can help a noob, figure this game out (just like on my recently acquired 60 Stitch sewing machine), it is certainly my pleasure ;)

    And if I become a "hero" in the process, thats even better!!

    Thanks again, and keep up the great work!