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Thursday, June 30, 2011

Dealdash 411: ProtoProtoss just got HOOKED UP!

Maybe there are too many Rational Thinkers out there...Did everyone expect a massive frenzy on for the ipad? I figured there would still be enough frenzy people to jack up the price. But ProtoProtoss just nailed it for under $2.00. He was bidding against Hopefull. Hopefull what happened? I think everyone was waiting for the price to go sky high and then try to jump in on the bid! Everyone was being too careful! You just never know when you will get the lucky break. That's why it's still a gamble no matter what. Congrats dude. We are all completely jealous and pissed off right now.

HOWEVER - keep in mind, even if Hopefull had kept going, ProtoProToss is an Oldie with skills. I think he was in for the long haul, and would have bid buddied his way to the moon if that is what it took. And who knows, 1 more bid from Hopefull could have given someone else that extra 30 seconds to log into Deal Dash and start bidding, building another big bid war. You just never know when you are going to get lucky.


  1. Thanks for the shoutout! I actually just found your blog and kind of enjoy it. The way you write makes it seem like an announcer at a game, haha. Hell, even I was wrong on the vote! I thought I was going to have to end up pulling out and buying it sometime in the morning, lol.

  2. Nicole aka. BabyFidgetteJune 30, 2011 at 9:49 PM

    Proto is the man!!! I'm scared of the muscles alone! ;o) I never thought it'd go so low especially since it was a new item on DD! He played it smart and that always pays off in the end. Kudos to Proto!

  3. Thanks ProtoProtoss - You scored and people are bitter. It's awesome. And now the next ipad is going to get up to some ridiculous price because everyone else thinks they deserve a $2 ipad. People are funny.
    Now let's discuss this "kind of enjoy" my blog. You should "really" enjoy my blog. Yeah i have pretty random things to say about DealDash but you are supposed to want one window open with DealDash auctions on one side of your screen and DealDash411 open in another window on the other side, so you can get some entertaining commentary while you watch your competition. Maybe i aim too high....
    regardless you have an ipad so no matter what you win.