The 411

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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

"remysmom" added to "Who you are you up against?" list!

Remy, you should be really proud of your mom. She spends all her time winning cool stuff on Dealdash. She's proved herself more than just a Newbie at this point. She has graduated to the LIST of people you should be wary of according to DD411. Remy just make sure your mom still pays enough attention to you. Lots of DealDash gifts are no substitute for a mom's love.


  1. IWILLBANKRUPTU.....kind of Silent Stalker, waiting in the wings and then just in playing Hardball and Quick Bid intimidation...

  2. IWILLBANKRUPTU will probably be added to either the watchlist or the Player profiles...This player has won alot this week, and wants this sewing machine! EasyT is playing an in an amazing battle. EasyT's defense is stellar. I'm making IWILLBANKRUPTU on the offensive, because he is kind of a snot. Reminds me of Selfish_Prick.....

  3. mclass1 just scored! Took my eyes off it for one minute to blast about IWILLBANKRUPTU and look what happens. mclass1 joined on 6/6/11...we'll keep watch

  4. EasyT hang in there!!! I root for the underdog, and I just can't stand the name IWILLBANKRUPTU. That sounds like the bad guy! Win for all of us non-bullying people!