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Thursday, June 30, 2011

DealDash 411: THE RANKINGS - June 26 - June 29th

Normally, DD411 will put a full weeks of game play to calculate out the weekly here is a snapshot of where we are so far this week since SUNDAY...
Totals are based upon retail price of each auction won.

1)  Ratpack - 2 items, $1024.99
2)  GRANDMAGIN - 1 item  $999.75
     OKKAMS - 1 item $999.75
3)  Sandbagger -3 items $976.70
4)  MORETOCOME - 4 items $789.85
5)  IWILLBANKRUPTU - 3 items $778.7
6)  Biddin2Win - $732.75
7)  gjsquezebox - 1 item $699
8)  iknowican - 5 items $619
9)  AlwaysBiding - 1 item $599.99
10)  Cryleew - 2 items $565.75


  1. We've updated the Current Watch List with the last few winners of the 300 bid auctions...add that to any 50% DealDash bids purchased yesterday and some of these players have 950 bids! Minimum!

    Alot more Oldies coming out of the woodwork, we will be updating our "Who are you up against" list today to include some more main players.

  2. I also want to thank SORELOSER for giving me shout outs in his auctions...SORELOSER has been keeping up to date on the blog and I guess he likes it!

  3. MORNING ASSESSMENT: DealDash still has auctions 30 minutes a part this morning. What does this mean for you? It means players who want to play and don't have the patience to wait another 30 minutes for an auction, may start jumping into currents auctions, even if they don't want the item. This is true - those who just like to WIN usually don't want to wait out the time between auctions.