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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Deal Dash 411 : Current Assessment

IPAD:  Wait on the Ipad - watch for Dawnof1 Bidbuddy to go off, as well as CHDresser. They have had BidBuddy on from the start
KODAK EASY SHARE CAMERA:  you will need to wait out lailamar and SniperElite to have a chance on this one
SEWING MACHINE: DD411 says just avoid this one completely right now. There is a big time battle going.
300 BIDS: Axeman755 and Whitchhunt (is this supposed to be funny somehow? or just a misspelling? I can't be sure), have set their Bid Buddies on this'll have to wait these two out. Looks like doobee46 has also gone in gung ho, but is a Newbie, so may not last through this one.


  1. Looks like CRYLEEW has taken over battle against sniperElite for the camera. Lailamar may be Silent Stalking so don't count her out.

  2. lailamar is working on the 80 you have to wait her out here.
    Liz928 is a Newbie...she keeps clicking down the line of auctions.Classic Newbie move. I don't think i would quite classify her as Big Style Intimidator. She is too new for that.

  3. Nicole aka. BabyFidgetteJune 28, 2011 at 5:51 PM

    Love the new blog! Just wanted to let you know you spelled my name wrong. hehe It's BabyFidgette (e at the end). ;o) Would love for you to rank me and my brother-in-law (mclass1) Thanks!

  4. Bid Buddies are set across the board on all auctions right now...keep close watch for a BidBuddy to end - it is hard with so many to pay attention to, but this is when you can sneak attack

  5. drummerboy just entered the Kodak Camera auction. he is listed to the right in our "who are you playing against list"

  6. DD411 predict that Liz928 will burn out of bids soon..she is in too many auctions against Oldies with Bid Buddies set... wrong people to play against. Let's see

  7. opportunity on the 300!!! go for it quick

  8. Cryleew is spread too thin on too many auctions - everyone needs her to burn out..
    axeman755 still parked on the 300...careful or he will win

  9. MANZANITA??? wins the sewing machine? ouch!

  10. SPECIALLADY just played her strategy perfectly!!! Everyone was spread too thin on the other auctions, and there were alot going on. That Hard Drive was going to go really low and she nailed it!! well done. You saw the perfect opportunity

  11. DD411 tips, strategies, hints update assessment:
    as you know Cryleew is crazy.
    Lailamar is playing a classic Lailamar her consistency
    Drummerboy is playing his classic game
    Krisoma is sneaking around. she just one something about 10 minutes ago. She is a threat.
    CURRENTLY: too much CHAOS in the mix right now...too many people home from work and bored, and too much unpredictability combined with crazy and Lailamar, and you get a LOW ODDS DON"T PLAY assessment. For now.

  12. Thanks BabyFidgette! You're so right. I messed up your name. I'm on it. You scored that 600 so we're all scared of you! I've been keeping my eye on your bro mclass1- hope you voted for him!
    Anything else you want to see or hear about? All comments welcome. Good Luck!

  13. Spelling correction: DD411 does know the difference between "won" and "one" but sometimes types too fast and doesn't proofread

  14. I like your blog. Looking forward to reading more.


  15. Thanks are an quite a mystery to me right now...i have some feeling of your game play, but not enough. You're on the radar for getting on a Watch List. You're good.

  16. Nicole aka BabyFidgetteJune 29, 2011 at 7:20 AM

    Thanks for fixing that, DD411! I will be checking your blog out! Oh, and pennywiser IS good. I won't be playing againt him! lol No really, I won't! ;o)