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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

DealDash 411: Morning Recap + NEW STRATEGY TOOL!

Cryleew - you must get on here and tell us what happened! i didn't see your name on anything last night...we need to hear from you! I'll put you in lower case letters, I promise! You need to read some tips, hints and strategies at the bottom of this blog! Please!

mclass1 took the Ipad - and a Super Mario Kart Bundle - This player scored! mclass1 is on the radar and could possibly be added to the watch list soon...

Last night our Nightcrawlers come out...some of our Oldies who win at night:

If you plan to pull an all-nighter, pay attention to when you are against a Nightcrawler - you may need to adjust your strategy

Piggy1Bird looks like she played all night too, but she'll be busy today eating Slim Jims and Playing their new Lego Wii game...At this point DD411 doesn't think Piggy1Bird is a Nightcrawler to be too worried about. In fact i wouldn't give her Nightcrawler status yet.

THE STRATEGY TOOL that DD411 is NOW offering, is a weekly ranking of players based on the amount of $$$ worth of prizes they won. You can see who is going for the big items and who may be a flipper. All to help you figure out your best move against them! And if someone surpassed the rest, I'll give them Gold Star of the Week award. Maybe  I will re-name that. That's 5th grade teacher talk.

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  1. ***A side note for those who may wonder. How does DD411 know if the user is a male or female? No, we don't always go by the avatar you chose, as that may be part of your strategy somehow, especially if you are an Intimidator. We feel it out - we choose he's and she's when we write based on pure assumption. Nothing scientific. So if you want correct pro-nouns used when talking about you, LET ME KNOW! Otherwise, you will be what i make you.