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Friday, June 24, 2011

The "Buy It Now Fallback" Strategy

DealDash does offer you a way out of your gambling and losing predicament. This is a great tool when used correctly. But it can also cost you alot more in the long run if you aren't thinking this through.

Here is how it works:

You place 36 bids in the  Anti-gravity recliner ($89.99) auction and end up losing. If you click Buy It Now, they now call your package value $89.99 + 36 bids - as if you were going for an item that came with bids (Target gift card + 40 bids).
Package Value  $89.99 + 21.60 = 111.59 (21.60 is value of 36 bids at $.60each)
You spent 36 bids, which is 21.60 in value, so they then subtract that, bringing your package back to $89.99.
As if you just decided to buy the chair without ever gambling for it.

DD411 is in agreement that this is a great "out" for people to not lose all their money bidding on items.
HOWEVER, to make it a usable strategy for you, consider the following points. If these points don't all describe  you, then you will not be bitter in the end and calling DealDash a scam.


You've been looking to replace the 8 year old kitchen knife set you got from IKEA. You already plan on buying new knives. You are the perfect person for the Buy It Now Fallback Strategy.
If you didn't want an Anti-Gravity Chair in the first place, then all you are doing is spending $89.99 on an item  you never actually wanted. Think of it as walking into Walmart and buying a tricycle that you can't use and don't want.  Or an XBox video game when you don't own an XBox.

This is especially key for the high end items. If you know you already want an ipad, then play DealDash and see if you can get a better deal. If  you lose, you can use Buy It Now option and just pay regular price like you would at the Mac Store. This is the essence of the Buy It Now Strategy.


 Let's say you want 400 bids in your account to battle for the Ipad. You have to purchase these bids 400 bids to have enough to battle in the auction. (Yes maybe you won a 600 bid auction. Congratulations. But I'm not talking to you right now). So you actually purchase 400 bids at $.40. That is $160 investment to load your account and start the battle.

You battle hard, use all 400 bids and still end up losing, but you had so much fun playing. You are happy because you get to click Buy It Now, and everything is still rainbows and unicorns in your universe.

Your package value is then $699 ipad + 400 bids
.60 x 400 is a $240 value
$699 + $240 =  $939
   Bid Value = - $240
Final Price = $699 for ipad and they put 400 bids back in your dealDash account.

YES, you got all  your bids back and can use them for something else. However, don't forget the bigger picture: Your intial $160 cannot be recouped because now it is in the form of DealDash bids - you have to continue to play Deal Dash. So really, you ended up with more out of pocket to buy your ipad. Though you can still have fun playing and maybe win more items, don't forget the fact that the $160 is gone from your bank account...It's easy to overlook this, so just understand what you are doing.


DealDash  prices their item at the top retail price that can be offered for that item. They are not going to put their item's value at a lower sale price to match Target and Amazon or another retailer. Nor should they have to. They have every right to charge full retail.  You need to consider this before using the Buy It Now Strategy.

I have a list of links to same items at great prices, if you just can't deal with the injustice of having to pay full retail for something. But there isn't any FUN in that, or any excitement of maybe getting a great Deal Dash deal on your item.  You are playing DealDash for the thrill. Consider those extra retail dollars the cost to have fun and try to win.

The Strathwood Anti-gravity Adjustible Recliner is a perfect example. Deal Dash retail is $89.99. With a quick search you can find the same exact item for as low as $64.99, and $49.99 for the a similar item different maker. The point again:

Be aware that when you decide to Buy It Now, you will pay full retail for the item when you could probably find it cheaper elsewhere. As long as you are prepared to pay full retail as your worst case scenario, then go for it! Just understand what you are doing. Those who want the thrill of the risk just need to remember that you are playing for the FUN and POSSIBILITY of saving money. But you are still going to pay full retail if you lose.

Remember, DealDash is ultimately still a game! You aren't going there to get a sure deal. You are trying to win a great deal. Those complainers who think that it is crap that DealDash uses the highest retail value are ridiculous. If you don't want to pay retail, then go buy it cheaper at Amazon or Home Depot. You shouldn't be on DealDash anyway. You are clearly missing the "fun" part about DealDash.

A few finer points before we wrap up:

-   Many items have shipping costs, even when they say FREE SHIPPING. When you fill out your info to have item shipped, once you choose a state, it will re-calculate shipping. Sometimes it is still free. Sometimes there is a charge.

-  Buy It Now option does NOT let you trade in your item for bids. So before you get stuck with the Shania Beauty and Makeup Kit, make sure you actually want the item you are bidding for if you plan on using Buy It Now Strategy.

In all, DD411 thinks the Buy It Now Strategy is:

1) BEST and SAFEST option for the player who fit and can accept our points above. You now have the highest odds of getting a deal through DealDash - about the highest odds as you can get for a big item.  Your gamble is that you end up paying full retail, slightly higher than you would have paid anyway, but odds are high that you will battle and win item at a discount, possibly paying $399 (total value of bids spent + auction win price) for the $699 ipod. But understand you are spending money to buy bids to play.  Consider  what initial investment you are comfortable with. Do the math. Or ask someone else to do it for you.

2) POOR option for people who don't really want the item they are bidding on at all. That means you guys, Flippers!

Good luck!

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