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Thursday, June 23, 2011

Deal Dash in the last few hours

roundheadsr strong-armed their way to winning 40 bids, Bid Buddy Off Auction. No one really took up the challenge.
SORELOSER scored some low paying items but got screwed on the Anti-Gravity Chair. I told you those chairs are like candy! People start going nuts for those. It's weird. willoverpaytowin won that chair. He's a Lamer. So over him today. Definitely an ego day for this guy.
b0ssman -Popped up in some afternoon auctions and has been throwing down some bids on quite a few items. We'll have to watch this one and see how he plays.
LadyK - back on scene today...she makes me wary. She knows her stuff. Proceed with caution if she is consistent.

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