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Friday, June 24, 2011

MORNING RECAP - what did you miss last night?

Last night's auctions are a great example of why saying "the best time to bid is at night" is not entirely correct. Certain days still make a difference. If you decided to stay up all night last night, you would have seen some battles. True, if you were only looking for Flips, you could have gotten a few dvds/video games, but last night, was NOT ideal. Earlier this week there were some ideal nights. Last night some Oldies were on.
Mini Netbook currently at auction - DD411 assessment: this is a new item with few winners so far. Looks like mostly Oldies and not Newbies set up BidBuddies at the start - at least 8-10. Looks like it will be a longer auction to let all those Bid Buddies run out. Odds still fair, but suggestion is to wait and watch. Reminder to Newbies - High Priced Items are tough to win, especially when alot of Oldies are playing. High Priced Items require the utmost patience and timing, to wait for the perfect moment, and then go for it.

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