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Thursday, June 23, 2011

300 bids auction in progress....

looks like -
im2bad4u - has a Bid Buddy going... you'll have to wait that out
However, devilish is throwing in some strong-arming.
bidbidbid21 is using intimidation tactics, so wait until his ego trip is over.


  1. Current DealDash411 assessment : lower odds - constant power struggles, few moments of lost focus could be taken advantage of. Bookmarks11 has been pissing people off all day, so i'm not sure you want to bother with him.

  2. Current DealDash411 Assessment : Newbie on the scene. uniqueboobaby joined today and tried a strong arm strategy. Let her run herself out. She looks like an Out of Control Newbie. Possibly followed by Deflated Upset Newbie.
    Meanwhile, im2bad4u is still hanging in there with the Bid Buddy on.
    maxamill - seen the name, not sure of his game play.
    remysmom - seen this player - she has won things and played good strategic games. Maybe wait it out until Remy calls and mom has to go change a diaper.

  3. bidbidbid21 pulled it he is on the WATCH LIST, because he has 300 credits....keep an eye out. let's see what future strategies he uses.