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Wednesday, June 29, 2011


We all have to assume that most players, Oldies and Newbies will take advantage of the 50 % off sale. Max they allow for purchase is 5 bid packs of 150 bids, each for $45.
So for $225 you can get 750 bids!! You all need to assume that everyone is going to buy their max. So assume that anyone you play against has MINIMUM of 750 bids. If you do too, then it is a wash, but don't expect auctions going at low prices for at least the next few weeks. We w will see, and have already seen very long, tedious if you are going to play, be prepared to use a lot of your 750 bids and and set aside hours for your DealDash auction.
Patience may be a key factor for who wins....

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