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Friday, June 24, 2011

OUCH!! The HP Mini-Netbook Just Stung

Ugh...this auction was a tough one....janine719 set her BidBuddy and looked like she was in for a Slow and Steady auction. SORELOSER kept up with her for the beginning, but 3-4 others kept popping up with bids against janine719.  DD411 was about to post risk assessment as good odds for Slow and Steady strategy on this one. May take alot of bids, but odds were good.  BUT, no one stepped up the the plate, so janine719 ended with a win at $.54....janine719 has been around, and she is pretty darn persistent in her we were prepared for a potential all-night auction.  But no one stepped up to the plate and janine719 had an easy win.  Some on the opponents may have done their research and figured that if they weren't up for the Slow and Steady strategy then they should pass......SORELOSER dropped the BidBuddy very early, probably not ready to dedicate the bids to a Slow and Steady auction. So he cut out. That was a smart move for those not ready to spend the bids. I think head to head with janine719 tonight would have been a tough battle but with high odds...i'd say close to 50/50, as it would end up being a toss up on who would out last the other. Therefore this was an IDEAL auction for a patient BidBuddy Slow and Steady could see that early on.....too bad everyone was sleeping. 

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