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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Deal Dash 411 : Observation - Dawnof1 must have a pretty high number of bids...

Ok Dawnof1 battled for items earlier today, and it still fighting for the Sewing machine. She's had to have used close to 100 bids on the Sewing machine alone. She did battle survivorman1 for the personal TV Viewer but lost it to Ratpack. She has now jumped in on the Ipad auction that just started. She MUST have a high number of bids she has racked up to be playing the field so much. She's not playing as a bully or using Intimidation Strategies...she has been Slow and Steady, and she consistently wins items every week.  Make sure to check her limits before entering an auction against her.  She is not backing down in her auctions today. So do your homework on Dawnof1 Today.

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  1. lailamar must have just gotten home from work...she's Slow and Steady on the Camera against SniperElite, who is using Intimidation tactics