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Saturday, October 22, 2011

So how cool would it be if DealDash embraced the 3D movement? (by the way, what on earth is 4D? should i go look it up?)

I think dealdash should let  you put on 3d glasses and then if you win the auction, the item gets thrown at you. hahaha. so awesome.


  1. Recently I have become more familiar with a long-time bidder called deleonallen, and he is quickly becoming one of my least favorite bidders. Not only does he come into auctions late with absolutely no respect for other bidders, but he defends his actions with this in his about me: "It's online AUCTIONS. Start early, come in late...Everyone has their own approach...If you can't handle it, find something else to do". I vow to give him a taste of his own medicine. His avatar shows a cross; apparently he doesn't follow the Golden Rule, however.

  2. maybe cats1965 is married to godshot, both are from indiana

  3. Anon...... I dont think so, as GS bids in places that CATS does not bid.....and usually husbands and wifes always bid together.

    Nice detective work though ;)

    Kilroy - You know whats sad is deleon actually used to be a very classy bidder, and is to me....but then again, we are both from the old school on DD.
    It really surprises me, and believe that he is probably only that way now, from being jumped soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much anymore on DD.
    Not saying its right or wrong, just saying that bidding on DD anymore, can get you to that point.

    Take care and GOOD LUCK!!!