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Thursday, October 20, 2011

DD411: Bean Bags

You want to know what else i think? (don't actually answer that)

These should be One per User. Because seriously, no one should ever have more than 1 bean bag chair. Unless you are 5.  It's really more of a  good will gesture to not allow people to have more than one.

And this thing I admit is kind of cool...right out of that Hammacher Schlammacher catalog. I know that isn't the exact name of the company but it is much more memorable when it rhymes. i can't ever remember the second word. This is like a perfect christmas gift for that someone you don't really know that aren't sure about their interests and tastes, but you don't want to get them a sweater or gift card. They are kind of new in your life so it would be polite to get them a gift of some sort....that is when you buy the "cool object" gift. I think this qualifies as a "cool object" gift. Or get something awesome from  
You your daughter's new boyfriend....he's coming over for christmas so he should have a gift to open, but you really don't know him that well. Or your kid's college friend who lived too far away to go home for Christmas and is coming to your house. The new neighbor coming to your is really fits nicely into the cool object category.
 I can see this as a gift in the office "gift pool" or secret santa...because you don't always know what your co-worker would want...unless they are pale and you can get them the self-tanner. 
And I like Hannukah too, so you can always gift it at your Hannukah party. It is not CHristmas specific. FYI.

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