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Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Drummerboy vs hsimpson...

hsimpson, a newbie is going head on against drummerboy....hsimpson you really shouldn't be doing that. drummerboy is going to win and is just toying with you...


  1. drummerboy you just dominated that tv auction. nice win.

  2. hsimpson....Homer Simpson? Is that you

  3. THANKS Mr. G!
    I hope I am able to post my comment this time? For some reason, I have been unable to post any comments for the last couple of weeks :(

    Thanks again and GOOD LUCK to you!!

  4. Oh yea, I have one more rant and then I'm done, I PROMISE!!
    According to APA, I am 5th on the DD win list. So, as the debate continues regarding the "about me" section.
    I listed how many wins (400+) and my best DD win on DD (my BITCHIN TV), to maybe scare a few people away..LOL!
    Anyway, a few days ago I see that CATS1965 has basically done the same thing on her about me section.....COPY CAT....hee hee hee, that was DAMN FUNNY!
    My problem is that I believe she is flat out lying on hers; unless of course she is married to KelleyInTheSky & Techie, her numbers just dont add up.
    She claims her and her "husband" have won over 1200+ auctions. How the hell is that, when she has only won 203? Is she couting all her "BIN" and/or all PA's combined?? It certainly doesnt read that way on her "A M" blurb.
    If thats the case, maybe I should list all 786 auctions that I have won on scoreit(250), orangebids and all the others....cause it has worked so good for me, you know ; )
    Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr..... I dont like FAKES!
    But I feel better now :)
    Have a great day!!

  5. Who's Mr. G? I'm sorry if i am missing something obvious

    I hate fakers too. Your CopyCat is giving b.s. numbers. That's what i think. Trying to use it for intimidation for sure. Unless Cats1965 can come on my blog and explain, we'll go with copycat status.

    You scored a rad tv - i saw you start on that one and i had no doubt it was yours....i'm waiting for a tent to come back up for auction. i think i want a tent.

    Now i am going to go sit on the road for the next 2 hours to get home. No wonder i have such little time for DealDash lately! I miss it. I miss blogging all the time and making people like me. Life's not fair. Neither is that darn laptop won for like $.20. Remember, i'm a bitter PA person now....i see that and get bitter.

  6. BTW I thought SanchezDRTY joke i made was pretty darn awesome. Awful awful name unless his name really is Dr. Ty Sanchez. And then that is the absolute most awesome name ever.

    I know it is annoying when people point out their own jokes. But I can't afford to have anything funny could run out any moment.

  7. Man this is killing me...what am i missing with Mr. G thing? I must be a moron...this is going to drive me crazy.

  8. Opps..... I guess that would considered a FOOPAH (sp?) on my part.
    I guess I assumed (hate to ever use that word btw) that Goldstein was/is your last name.
    Of course I can go back to reffering to you as "411"; I just thought "Mr. G." sounded so much more official ; )
    You the man, so just tell me what name to use and so it will be!
    Daaaaaaaaaaamn......onotha PHAT ryhme!!

    ps: Good luck on the tent when they list it again!!

  9. Ohhhhhhhh. Ok. I seriously just went back through my posts to see if i had totally missed something...mgoldstein1029 is one of my good buddies. He still plays alot (don't be mean to him or his wife who plays too!). Not sure if it is a good idea or bad idea to be associated with me, so i try not to call them out very much...though not many people read this so whatever. SORELOSER is long gone. And i guess mgoldstein1029's About Me gives me a mini shout out. Feel free to call me Ryan. Mr. B if you want to get super official on me.

    Not sure if i should expose some of the different names i play under....I really have been off the grid in the PA department until i get some more $$$ saved up. Then i can be as nutty and Thunderbidz and Jayboy....
    though i just checked and neither one of them won the mac! They must have done BIN or something...I'm too lazy to go find out.

    Maybe I'll make my friend go get me that tent so i can stay under the radar....hmmmm. For once i don't have a good opinion on something!

    (now worries on the faux pas spelling. It's a foreign word. It doesn't count. Should i be worried that i know that? maybe i should....)

    And drummer even if you aren't number #1 on the DD ranking, you're still #1 in my book. Aw that was a Hallmark moment.

  10. Awwwwwww..........................
    And when you get that job at the "Times"...(BTW, I'm talking NY Times, not Fountain Hills Times, which just happens to be the
    $H!!**Y "Times" in my hood) - I will be expecting a shout out...and I'm not talking about the kind of "shout out" that I got BAAAAAAANNNNNNNED from on DD.
    OK, I'm rambling now...LMFAO!!
    Anyway, as I said in the past - you are by far, the best writer, I have ever come accross. I TOTALLY enjoy reading you stuff!!!

    OK, now that I've got the name down, did you happen to see my Fri, early Sat bid fest???
    woooooFRIKKKKINhoooo - I killed it on DD, in a 5 hour span.
    1. Started out by winning the new 32GB iPhone 4S + 200 bids for (drum roll please.....zzzzzz) only 128 bids!!!
    (funny thing is; I actually thought something was wrong with the auction when it stopped...DOH)
    2. Then I won a sweet "Limited Edition" Xbox 360 Gears of war 3 system for (lets have a "triple stroke roll" this time) only 119 bids.
    (and the funny thing about that one; I set my BB for 600 bids, went upstairs for a meeting, can back after an hour and a half and the auction had ended.

    OK, I'm done bragging and HATING these stupid jumpers all over DD.
    Trying to win a stupid $200 vacuum, that DD has in their "discount" store (HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA), for $299.

    Gotta jet now, and go take caree of that stupid Kangaroou DOG!
    Now, get to work on that Triple stroke roll Mr. B.!