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Thursday, October 6, 2011

DealDash411: Get All Your Bids Back

So what's going on now is really not considered a penny auction. There is not really timing, skill and prowess in play  here. Really we are in a contest for who has the most bids.  Which is cool. Ok no worries. It just means most people aren't going to win a thing. No problem.  I see some good names out there - LadyK strutting her stuff, drummerboy's out there, Rigman is (hi rigman!) playing the game, MyPreciouS is scaring people with Golum...i see a little ratpack and bidingaddict, some krypto (how are you enjoying IT? scare the poppies out of you yet? haha - i just saw i spelled it "poppies." that is so awesome that i am leaving it. You know why, because poppies are a root cause of my bad mood. no not drugs or something. it's a work thing. and no i'm not a florist either), survivorman1, Dawnof1. you know good stuff.

I see a Sanchezdrty and that is gross. inappropriate. Inappropriate (capital I). Unless your name is actually Dr. Ty Sanchez. Then i guess i'm sorry. But really come on people.....

1evilclown1 is out there making people THINK about the movie IT! Kind of genius. I was distracted. He just woke up and started bidding on top of the bidbuddy people, you hop-on nonsense clown you. You know some people are letting their clocks count down so they can win free bids you dillweed. Wow doesn't take much to put me in bitter mode.  Oh he's gone...that's right...go take your clown gig somewhere else...i might have to go back to sleep for awhile...


  1. ooh ooh! Mrs. Beefer just woke up. You know she has mad bids so watch out.

  2. The last frenzy I didn't fair so well. This time round it has been a bit more fun.... 7 down and just 2 to go... Will I make it before the clock counts down? It's that time of year again to start filling up Santa's Bag.... 8)

  3. Well I didn't get my last two I was hoping for but that's ok... Santa and Mrs. Claus have bids being returned so there is still time to get more awesome discounts before the sleigh takes off!!!

    Hope everyone that DID bid during the Havoc had a great time and also got some great deals!

    See ya at the Bid Button!!!