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Tuesday, October 18, 2011

DealDash411: Tips, Hints, Strategies, Commentary

Kilroy? Who are you?? You commented! You check out my blog! I'm so happy. Sometimes i think LadyK and drummerboy just check my blog alot so that i feel like i have alot of visitors. Thanks guys.

Alright, I have no more excuses for why i can't watch dealdash all the time right now...oh wait yes i do....

- that thing we don't like called work,
- mountain bike crash
- new season of Survivor started (Ozzie and Coach are back. I love to hate the dragon slayer).
-  i got sick (i'm not funny when i'm sick). Maybe that's why i was so bitter for a few days. I was getting sick. But i kind of like it when i'm bitter. I enjoyed those posts. Anyway, back to my excuses:

- I am still getting bitter when i see things go for a few pennies. What can i say.
- IT showed up back again and I had to click off quickly so i wouldn't ruin my day.
- Dry Cleaning bill was so much that i had to get a second job to pay the bill.
- Suddenly i've heard this thing i say all the time (in the way i say it) on the radio and on tv, so now everyone is going to think i do it because i heard it on tv and not know that i've done it for minimum 10 years. It's a drawn out "what?" which sounds more like "watt" but with lots of aaaa. Waaaaaaaaaatttt. "W" is a lower tone and aaaaatttt is a high pitch finish. So hard to explain on blogs. It sounds like it is annoying but it really isn't. But now everyone is going to think i got it from tv and i'm bummed. I created it. I promise you. The glory is all mine. And now i will probably have to abandon it. I'm really really upset about it.  Heartbroken and angry, actually.
- the Stop n' Go by my house kept running out of coffee, so i had to boycott and picket them for the 15 minutes they needed to brew more.
 - my email still gets a bazillion copy of each email i receive and i just can't bring myself to call the help line and sit on hold again so they can NOT fix it. I think today i'll surpass 7000 emails in my inbox. GO ME.
- Every time i see that IHOP card on Dealdash that super 80's Cyndi Lauper (spelling on that? not sure. too lazy to go find out) She-Bop comes into my head. You know it? I-bop, you-bop, they-bop or something like that, but now i lead in with IHOP instead of I-bop. It is driving me crazy.
- my friend mgoldstein totally biffed it on the math during that last frenzy and is not happy with the win. I had to console my moronic friend.
- hmmmm does that about cover it? I can't be sure.

And i would just like to say, I wouldn't call this item something for "all size dogs."  All i have to say is a great quote from a great movie, "You obviously don't know my dog." Really, it is something for "well behaved" dogs of any size. My two monsters would work all day to bust this thing open. It would have to be a metal safe of some sort to keep those two out.  Even if i recorded a harsh "No"  they wouldn't care. I've seen the determination they have to get into that locking trashcan i have in the kitchen. It is impressive. You know i kind of want to get this so i can see how long it takes them to ruin it...maybe if i can win it for just a few pennies.....i would totally record it and post a video. And send it into DealDash to see if they will post it on that top bar with other winners.

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