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Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Dealdash411 Tips, Hints, Strategy and General Commentary: So no one seems to care that i create fantastic games

That's ok. You can't win em all.

So i'm starting to realize that my patience for grammar is definitely affected by my annoyance level during the day. I'm way nicer of a person when i've had an easy day (yes i know "way nicer" is more slang than correct grammar. I'm making a point. I'm tired and annoyed so i'm going slang. But on purpose). That's probably the case for most people.  I'm noticing that as i have less and and less time to watch dealdash and blog about it, the more intolerant i get. So let me preface by saying the poo poo hit the fan today.

So i finally get a few seconds to check dealdash and i immediately have 3 thoughts/emotions:

1) First i have a pity party bitter attitude reaction when i see this. And i say "it's not fair."

These lucky people are poo poo heads. 

2) Why are so many people morons and can't spell things. More importantly, why don't they care? I really really try hard not to critique the grammar of the About Me because i really do want to give the benefit of the doubt. But i'm in a bad mood. So "liveing" should be "living." I'm sorry but anything you said after "liveing" i didn't read. I judged you on the word "liveing." 

3) then I see this and wish Kangaroou was my friend. 

 That brightened my day a bit. 

4) Then i went A.D.D. and now i want to know, which player is this?

I really just want to know.

Drummerboy you are after the TV. good luck dude. I hope you win it. I'll give you my address - my birthday is coming up soon and this would be a lovely gift.


  1. LOL I want to know who that lady is too!!! Maybe they should put up some Clairol because I can't stand her hair color.... - Geeez I'm mean! It bugs me every time I see her grinning face.... I want to doodle on her while I watch the auctions going with my paint tool... Giggle!

  2. Right? Who the heck is this? I wonder ever time i check dealdash. And then i do feel bad because i too think with a little touching up this could be a much better picture. But i really just want to know....who is that....

  3. I’m gonna go out on a limb and take a guess who it is...... I’ll bet she has a son that works for DD....and maybe, just maybe his name is Dave ; )
    J/K of course, but couldn’t agree more with you both.....she is just CREEPY.
    Kinda looks like some of the people that DD has posted on the winners pictures (located at the top of the "winners" list).
    SCARY SCARY PEOPLE we are bidding against huh.

    BTW Mr. G., I have to rant for a second!!! That SanchezDIRTY guy you were talking about in a different post is truly a DIRTY SANCHEZ! I can’t stand HIM or the "ruserious" late jumping QUEEN! They are 2 of the LAMEST DD users, PERIOD! They jump worst than the water "Pig" EVER DID!
    hee hee, good rhyme huh...

    OK, I’m done now and feel MUCH BETTER!

    See you kiddies around!