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Monday, October 10, 2011

DealDash411: Tips Hints Strategies and Commentary: ON HOLD

So i'm on hold on the phone right now waiting for a human being to answer the tech support line and help me stop getting 10,000 copies of every email i receive. Though it makes me feel super popular when i think i have 7000 new messages, even when they are all the same junk emails repeatedly coming in. I can't stand being on hold. i just can't. but i'll suck it up and wait

So i take the opportunity to check in on dealdash and see what's what. I noticed that they still have that darn Boogie Board thing on there. That thing is so bogus. I totally fell for it. Writing tablet? It makes you think you can take notes and save them or do something useless with it. But guess what? You can't. you can write on it (in good lighting only) and then erase it and write more. So it is pretty much good for list making and nothing else. But not if you need to look back at the list later. It is gone when you hit the magic button. So i guess it is like a portable notepad but you have to throw out the notes. So i really don't find it useful at all. Worst of all, at the top in big dumb letters it says "Boogie Board." So as if it weren't already lame enough to have this tablet thing around, it says Boogie Board on it which brings only ridicule when someone sees it (trust me, I know). I finally got a sharpie and colored it in so at least i looked like i had a semi - legit item. It's pretty much a kid's toy i think. i kept thinking it was something way cooler. But it's not. And it says Boogie Board on it. Just know that it is pretty much like carrying a chalkboard around with you.

FYI i just searched "boogie board" on google and the lovely lcd tablet shows up right next to awesome shark boogie board (for riding waves at the beach). Don't know if your search will do that. But maybe they should have named it something less ridiculous. Like "LCD Writing Tablet." Or "Portable Chalkboard" or "Just Use a Sticky Note" or "Don't write anything on here you don't want to forget."

So don't overbid on this gem. For a few cents give it to the kids or doodle on it. And black out the name of it on the top to prevent ridicule.

This is just some friendly advice. Now i am going to continue to wait on hold.

Have a lovely Monday


  1. I think bidingaddict burned through well over 10,000 of her alleged 16k+ bids in her Apple MacBook win earlier tonight.

  2. Those mac auctions were out of control last night!! It is kind of ridiculous. This bidingaddict is truly addict. Dangerous player. So says I.

  3. Hey! Where is everyone? Anyway, did everyone know that select bidders had access to a half-price bid sale on Wednesday and Thursday?