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Friday, November 18, 2011

DD411: Well well well - What do we have here....

Yup. I could possibly be the worst blogger ever since i post so infrequently now. I know i always give excuses but they are legit! I don't have time to watch DealDash any more, let alone re-join and play. it is a sad day for me to admit that. In fact, i was thinking i should clean out my accounts on all the sites i have been on. I bet i have bids left all over the place. if i can even remember which username and password i used for each site. that's the only problem when you change things up too much...
Contrary to popular belief, i do have a real job and have a major client who takes up every ounce of my time. Then, in my limited free time, i build two companies that i own. NOw i'm not patting myself on the back has made a little money and the other has made a big fat zero. So when i get these companies up to an amazing level, i'll be the deal dash king. For real. maybe i'll have my own penny auction and make my own rules and anyone who annoys me gets a time out. i have monstrous ideas about how to makes a super fun PA.

Anyway, i have updates -
Kindle Fire fiasco part 1 and 2
Major frustration about certain stop signs

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  1. These guys need a facebook page man