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Wednesday, November 9, 2011

DD411 - Am I The Only One?

Yeah, yeah, people are bidding on stuff. I've been traveling and unable to follow deal dash with my usual zeal. And i am still super bitter when i see computers sold for $0.45. Remember i have regressed to the "it's not fair" view of deal dash. So i hate seeing that. It ruins my day.

So instead i want to throw something else out there.

Am I the only one (notice use of capital I - this means i am being super serious. See this all helps to create emotion and emphasis subtly) who thinks the new iphone is NOT ok? I mean they are basically creating a little personal machine that can kind of "think" on its own.   Is any one worried about this? Is it just me?  It is creeeeeeeepy. Has no one actually watched War Games and Terminator Series recently? Haven't we learned what can happen in an over computerized world? SKYNET! JOSHUA! We have already seen what can happen if a computer self-realizes and goes rogue. Did we not learn a lesson from Arnold? Everyone launched nukes at each other accidentally and then machines take over.  It's called Judgement Day people. I suggest you rent War Games, Terminator 1, 2, 3, (but not that random one that was stuck in there before Salvation came out).  Then you may look at your iphone differently.

I think the new iphone is getting too close to making machines too powerful. That is my thought for the day. I'm sure i will have more to say about this. I will end with a mangled quote from the late genius Michael Crichton ( i know i am butchering this quote - my apologies in advance).

"Scientists are so busy inventing all the things that they could, but they never stop to think if they SHOULD."

i'll have to look the real quote up later. But you get my point. Now go watch the world be destroyed by thinking machines and have a healthy fear of your new iphone.

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